December 17, 2007


You can see why I love Viburnum-beautiful structure even when bare

I much prefer snow to the awful ice storms we've had for the past week. The garden looks lovely in its fresh white dress.

My pond - a giant size bird bath

Pots of Snow

The Yews looks great with a snowy face

The Rhodo has been wiped clean of the heavy snowfall to prevent breakage

It takes the poets to write about the glories of winter and the rest of us to shovel them.


  1. The garden looks so different in snow, doesn't it? Much more 'sculptural', if that is a word.

    Brrrr... I'm cold now after looking at your pictures.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. It certainly does, Carol. 'Sculptural ' is a good description ( even if it isn't a word). Didn't y'all ( another non-word ) get a lot of snow as well ?

  3. We got a bunch of snow over the weekend, too. I absolutely love the way the garden looks with its white blanket. And I'm with you on viburnums. I can't imagine my winter garden without them.

  4. Hey, Colleen,

    Welcome to Sweet Home and Garden Chicago. The snow is quickly melting in the warm weather we've had for the past few days.

  5. That is a great line Carolyn, about poets and the rest of us. You have received more snow than we have. Ours has fallen daily in small bursts and so the shoveling is easier, although now a daily activity for us.

  6. Thanks, Kate. We had a little snow a week ago but this last one was about 8 inches in the city.

  7. The fresh snow is beautiful, but I'm glad we are getting warmer weather to melt it.


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