December 15, 2007


From Sweet Schnauzer JOJO

Cityscape with
Three Real live mini-Christmas Trees

Every window facing south and west in the Sweet Garden Chicago is filled with plants ( coleus )
BTW I handpainted the windows 'cause I despise curtains

This is my first indoor garden. I know, it's hard to believe . I've got some 'splaining ' to do. Houses in Chicago are SO close together it's difficult to get in sufficient light to grow flowering plants. Plus, my century old home has a huge front porch and a low overhanging roof that adds to the low light.

Last year we did a whole house remodelling that let in a lot more light in the western back of our house. So that area in the dining room which gets good afternoon sun has become my new garden.

In addition to the above I have :

A Pink Peacelily with glossy foilage

Good old Spidey Man

Would you believe my geranium is still blooming ?

A plant stand which contains : Ponytail palm, two lucky bamboos, aloe vera and
thanks to Carol again -I'm not ashamed to say - a fake Orchid ! Come'on now you couldn't tell, could you ?

A deep purple Calla Lily

My Bird Tree

A gardenia decorated with berries.

Not a bad beginning, eh ?

A big THANK YOU to Carol at Maydreamsgardens not only for creating Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, but for inspiring us outdoor gardeners to continue it indoors.


  1. I would not have been able to tell that orchid was fake, unless I actually saw it in person.

    And for someone who hasn't had houseplants before recently, you are off to a good start.

    Let it snow, we've got indoor blooms to cheer us!

    Thanks for posting for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day again.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Where to begin? Love the new dress your blog is wearing. JoJo is seriously cute!!! Handpainted windows: Wow!!! Can you come over and do mine as well? ;-)

    All your plants seem to be purrrrrfectly happy in their new indoor garden. Love that deep purple Calla lily, it's so pretty!

    Your bird tree looks great, best not tell my kittycats about it or else they want one too.

  3. I like the way you've decorated your gardenia. That is really cool! Your hand-painted windows are beautiful. I love them.

    JOJO looks so sweet in his Santa hat.

    Your mini-Christmas trees are very pretty too.

  4. Love your new profile picture, warm colors are beautiful on you.

    I agree with Carol, you are off to a very good start with your indoor garden.

  5. Carolyn Gail, your new garden is very nice. I love the purple calla lily. I've not seen that one before.

    Your orchid is nice. I think all orchids look fake. Some of the real ones are so unique they look like they are from someones imagination. I just love to see them blooming. Orchids just sit and look green at my house.

    Jojo is so cute in his santa hat.

  6. I love the windows! I know it's a gardening blog but I just wanted to tell you how cool they look. I used to be in Chicago and seeing your pics makes me miss the winter snow...for a few minutes. Then I remember the shoveling and driving and I'm over it. But you've created quite the inside oasis.

  7. Thanks, Carol. Because of your inspiration I am enjoying my indoor garden this winter.

    Yolanda Elizabet, thanks for stopping by. I miss my Russian Blue Annie and every time I visit your blog it reminds me of her. She lived 21 years !

    Thanks, Kate. I don't do christmas trees because I can't stand to see one destroyed .

    Hey Robin, Glad you like the new photo. I thought it was time for a change.

    Hey Lisa and Bonnie,

    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I love Jojo's hat! It's great that your dog is so cooperative. My mutt wouldn't wear anything other than a collar, but I had reindeer antlers that I used to put on the Borzoi.
    I also love that purple Calla. Are they difficult to grow indoors? Like you, I have a problem with not enough light in the house for plants. I have no southern exposure windows & right now the Christmas tree is taking up most of the western 1s. Spidey looks so healthy - don't you just love the little flowers they get? Your indoor garden looks great already.

  9. Lovely profile photo, Carolyn ... JoJo wins over my pheasant in his sporty Christmas cap! Enjoyed the houseplant tour and your arty windows ... most impressed with your talent!

  10. Lovely--and no, I couldn't tell the orchid was fake!

    I really really love that bird tree, though. And you did a great job on the windows--Beautiful.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Well, now, Carolyn, I'm not a dog person as a rule (I like some dogs in particular but all cats in general) but Jojo won my heart instantly. That face! And no, I couldn't tell your orchid was 'manmade'. I love your windows, a great idea; curtains aren't my favourite thing either, and we keep them to a minimum. Never thought about painting the windows, though.

  13. Mr. McGregor's Daughter,

    Don't know how difficult the Calla Lily is to grow indoors as it's my first. My neighbor from New Orleans says they're weeds down there.

    Yes I do love good old reliable spider plant which I've had for years. It's really a no brainer, very forgiving.

    Kim, Joey, thanks for stopping by.


    Jojo has the personality to go along with the looks. She thinks she's ten feet tall and bullet-proof ! Believe it or not she is a better watch dog than most watchdogs. Schnauzers are called " the dog with a human brain. "

  14. Your indoor garden is so pretty. I agree that lighting is an issue in most city homes. I'm in the burbs but on a city sized lot so my neighbors block my westward sun. But it looks like you're doing fine as is!

  15. Thanks, Rosemarie. Sorry to hear you don't have much sun coming in. So far my plants are doing just fine.


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