December 14, 2007


You see a lot on a garden walk. I went on one this past summer and I must say that only one impressed me enough to make a photo. Sad. This was in a very trendy neighborhood with beautiful homes but few had a garden to match. They could well afford to have someone do it but I guess it just wasn't a priority.

The garden below was one of the tiniest I've ever seen but it was tastefully done.

Love the geometric shape of the boxwood and the cool bluestone mulch chips.
The black slate planter with its colorful plantings adds a lot of interest and color.

The Hydrangea vines on the fence will eventually fill up that space and soften the solid boards. It has beautiful white lacecap flowers over a long period.

The simple black fountain is perfect for this spot. The entire garden was hardscaped with a beautiful natural stone and had the appearance of a courtyard. Simple. Understated. Wonderful landscape job. I have no doubt that it was done by a garden designer.


  1. Nice garden. I know what you mean about garden walks, they can be so disappointing. We don't get many request for small gardens here, might be fun to do one.

  2. I have never been on a garden walk -- and I have to say why. Don't be mad... but I only want to see gardens done by the owner. I just think it's "easy" to pay someone for something beautiful. Is that bad?

  3. Garden walks are not just about designer gardens, as a matter of fact, very few of them are designed by a professional in the area where I go. A lot of them could actually use a designer's touch !

    Most of the gardens I design are not just my idea -but a combination of the client's and mine together and I always try to incorporate their favorites -either colors, plants or features.

    Some people have no clue whatsoever about where to begin and had rather pay someone to create a garden that they can then take care of.


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