February 12, 2008


Looks like Snow doesn't it?

Clearwater Beach, Florida. WISH YOU WERE HERE ! Weather report : perfect ; seventy five degrees.

Clearwater , on the Gulf of Mexico has one of the loveliest beaches in the state. The sand is so fine and white and there's a boardwalk with many interesting cafes and shops. We saw dolphins, pelicans and egrets galore.

And the Palm trees, which are everywhere, really say Florida to me. The cabbage palm,I learned, is the state tree. Mature palms are expensive, fetching up to $3,000 and I'm told that people sell them right out of their yard.


  1. Oh, yes, it looks exactly like snow. Rub it in!

  2. Sorry, Carol. I saw on the news that Indianapolis and Chicago got slammed with a big snow storm.

    Down here in Florida we are on a tornado watch. Yikes ! I hate that.

  3. I won't sent you a postcard from Michigan, Carolyn ... it's SNOWING again with several inches predicted. Yikes! Enjoy the sun ... your photos are lovely!

  4. Thanks, Joey. Gotta get over and visit your blog.

  5. Carolyn: Well, today we're getting some much needed rain but I'm glad to see you got over the bridge to the beaches while it was pretty ... and that sugary white sand is hard to beat! Is that top photo Clearwater?

    My favorite beach --Longboat Key is a little south of the Tampa Bay Area in Manatee county. Crystal blue/green water, oodles of wildlife, boating, fishing, and a lot less commercial there.

    Clearwater has some fun places to eat and just a little farther south on the same road is a quaint little area- pass-a-grille. Oh, I guess I could go on and on... I should get busy on my geography post to link back to jodi :-)

    Did you say somewhere how long you are to be here?

  6. Yes the upper photo is Clearwater beach. I've not been to Tampa yet so I'll keep Longboat Key in mind if we do.

    We'll be here for the month of February so I have time to see some more sights.

  7. You'll have time to see and do LOTS of interesting things. Enjoy!
    And, yes, perhaps if I squint a bit... I could imagine snow. ha.

  8. Thanks Shady gardener,

    It's a stretch I know but when I see something that white it reminds me of snow.


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