February 13, 2008


What used to be a Lake in Georgia

And Alabama, Tennessee and Florida. Even though Georgia and parts of South Carolina got a half inch or more it didn't rain enough to help the severe drought. I shot the photo above on my travels through Georgia earlier this month.

We were on tornado watch here until 11 p.m. last night. It hit Coco Beach and destroyed some homes and cars.

Being from tornado alley, Alabama, I spent a restless night worrying about it. Fortunately, it just rained all night and the tornado watch was lifted by early morn.

The forecast for tomorrow is sunny and 75.


  1. I thought Georgia got quite a bit of rain in late fall? I guess not if it's still that dry.

  2. Hi Carolyn--thanks for visiting my blog. I agree with you on the drought! I was up in VA visiting my son and took a few photos of the same kind of situation. We just had a report last night on the news where some of our Eastern nurseries are on water restriction. It means a loss of jobs for those in the plant industry. I feel for them and their families.

  3. I remember 75.........I even remember what the sun felt like. Enjoy it!!

  4. Hi Ki,

    They are still in a severe drought in Georgia and some other southern states. It will have to rain steady every day for a long time before it makes up for it.

  5. You're welcome, Anna. I also feel for the folks whose lives are adversely affected by the drought.

  6. Very funny, ha, ha, Vonlafin. Nice to see your sunny sunflower smile.


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