February 6, 2008


Walking about the neighborhood I see bare trees sporting a spot of green. Curious , I drew closer to see what it might be. There were little white berries on the mass of leaves clinging to the tree. I haven't seen this since I was a youngun' growing up in Alabama.

Mistletoe ! I didn't know that it grew down in Florida. It's everywhere. We used to pick it off the trees at Christmas, along with holly branches loaded with red berries.


  1. Man, standing under that, you could get seriously kissed, or more!

  2. We have mistletoe in Oklahoma. In fact, it was our state flower for awhile. I always thought that was terrible because it's a parasite. However, after I read that the pioneers chose it as the state flower because it was the only thing green this time of year, I understand. Gallardia is our state flower now, and I think mistletoe is state plant? Thanks for reminding me of this. Hope you're having fun in Florida.~~Dee

  3. My you have been a busy girl on your vacation, Carolyn! Have enjoyed your 'warm weather' posts, especially watching the snow fall here tonight (6-8 inches). Have never seen 'Mistleoe' growing ... thanks for sharing!

  4. I was thinking that myself, Jim. Mistletoe isn't just at Christmas down here.

  5. Having lots of fun, Dee. Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy as John Denver sang.

  6. Hey Joey, what's cooking? I still dread visiting your blog 'cause I know I'm gonna find those irrestible yummy recipes of yours.

    My daughter tells me Chicago is expecting 6-10 inches tonight.

    I feel so bad about all the people killed down here in the South by those awful tornadoes. It's never happened this early.

  7. Hi Carolyn,

    I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation and sending us post-cards.

    Mistletoe is all over Central Texas, too- it was so weird to see trees 'decorated' with either mistletoe or ball moss when we first moved here - but now it looks normal.

    You're right -the Southern tornadoes and Northern storms are making this a very hard February for many people.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  8. Thanks, Annie. I hate to hear about those terrible tornadoes because I know how devastating they can be. It's the one thing I don't miss about Alabama. I spent so much time underground I thought I was a mole.

    I didn't know that mistletoe had such a wide growing range.

  9. I've learned a lot about mistletoe here. :-) And I think about the teeny, tiny sprig that sells for $$ here at Christmas-time.


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