February 5, 2008


I'm still in limbo down in Florida. My brain's been cooked by the sun. But one thing I've been paying strict attention to is the amazing trees down here . You can just go down the street and boom ! There's a grapefruit or orange tree. And, funny thing is that the property owners pay no attention to them at all. I said " Good Morning " to one of the home owners and asked what kind of fruit tree is that? Right away they knew I was from out of state and asked me if I wanted some. They grabbed a bag and filled it up and gave it to me. WOW! Juicy oranges and grapefruit; ruby red and sweet.

Live oaks are everywhere down here and I can see why. They have such beautiful shapes and when the Spanish moss hangs from them , it's a sight to behold ! They remind me of Savannah .Then, of course , there are the palm trees which really say tropical.

And, of course, the most beautiful tree in the world as far as I'm concerned , the Southern Magnolia.

I can't imagine living in a place where you can just go into your backyard and pick fruit for your breakfast. That's SO cool !

And the weather. Well, they tell me that February is winter down here. HUH? 70 -plus during the day and cooler at night, say 60. I'll take it if that's really winter.

Meanwhile, our Mini Schnauzer, Jojo is checking out all the fun stuff such as lizards, weird birds and funny bugs.


  1. I simply can't imagine what it must be like to walk outside and pick grapefruit off a tree. No, nope ... just can't even fathom it as I look outdoors and see my barren trees.

    I can only imagine how much fun Jojo is having with you ...I hope you post some pictures please.

    (It's amazing that I'm the 6th person to pick your post and yet there isn't one comment. Hmmm ... )

  2. Or maybe not, since comment moderation is on. Duh!

  3. Thanks for visiting Kate. It is incredible down in Florida. I still feel like I'm in paradise.

    I'll post some photos of Jojo very soon.

  4. Your stay in Florida sounds amazing. Wow, to b able to step out your door and pick an orange. Awesome!

  5. And juicy organic oranges to boot ! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. How fun to be able to post from Florida, and share your experiences! What about those Floridians - who share their fresh produce. Does that mean they can't keep up with it? Wow! :-)

  7. It is a lot of fun in Florida. I do think it means that they have so much fruit that they can't possibly eat it before it spoils ! The orange tree is small but filled with so much fruit that its limbs are bent to the ground.

  8. I am so envious! Hope you are having a good time.

  9. Carolyn Gail: I have to admit it is so much fun for me to read your posts bragging about my very city and state. It is the place I was born and still love and to hear your words about it just makes me smile. I know how unique it is but for you to say it sounds so much better.

    I don't have citrus trees but my dad has orange/grapefruit/tangerine trees on his property and he keeps me well supplied. They are simply delicious and yes, there are so many he is constantly giving bags of it away just to keep the tree limbs from breaking.

    Glad you are having so much fun. It's a little warm right now but suppose to cool off for us a little this weekend.

  10. Hey Phillip. I am SO lucky to be able to spend February in Florida where locally grown fruit and vegetables are so abundant.

    I was sorry to hear that 30 people were killed in Tennessee , Alabama and Georgia by tornadoes yesterday. They're very early this year. I don't recall a tornado ever striking before April or May when I was young.

  11. Hi Meems,

    It's so true that one loves to hear others speak well of their home state and hate to hear anyone bad mouth it.

    Did you say its a little warm right now? So far the high has been 80 and it's cool in the morning and evenings. I call this perfect! Wish I could export it to Chicago.

  12. Hi Carolyn Gail,
    I did say warm - I don't want to complain but because we have such warm temps all year long I do wish it were a bit colder this time of year. It's kind of our only chance at cold.

    80's is a little warm for February...I can see why you would want to bottle it up and send it home but for the native Floridian we know that right around the corner the humidity returns with a vengeance and we won't be able to get away from warm- day or night.

    So- I'll quit whining now and let you enjoy this beautiful Florida February. :-)

  13. My favorite whine -"I wanna go to Florida !" Teehee. I know what you mean though and you are probably going to get your wish because rain is coming and it will cool things off to the 70 degree range. Better for walking and gardening !

  14. Are you taunting all of us poor souls back here in the cold Midwest? Don't worry, I would be too if I were there! Have fun and enjoy it...all to soon you will be back, and we will save a little of that cold for your return! ;)


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