February 2, 2008


Snapped this Photo on my daily walkabout

Driving down to Florida we passed first through Indiana. Interesting to see what slogans are on state license plates. I was surprised that IN GOD WE TRUST is on Indiana's. My friend from Indiana jokes that they should use STOP CONFUSING US WITH ILLINOIS. I think Illinois should use THE 'S' IS SILENT. You can tell a tourist because they pronounce the 'S'.

Moving on over to Ohio , Birthplace of Aviation. Well that's confusing cause North Carolina has First in Flight on its plate. Onward to Tennessee where Follow me to Tennessee is the slogan. Huh? Wouldn't "Jack Daniels : 'Nuff Said " be more fitting ?

Then on to Georgia who uses, what else, Georgia on my Mind, also their state song but who knows more than the first line ? Then , finally, Florida, The Sunshine State which a comedian joked should read ASK US ABOUT OUR GRANDKIDS.

My home state Alabama is no longer " The Heart of Dixie ." It's now " The Stars fell on Alabama ". I think that YES WE HAVE ELECTRICITY would be better ! Just kidding.


  1. Just so you know, Carolyn, it appears the groundhog won't see his shadow today. Come on back to the midwest... there's an early spring a-coming!

    Yes, In God We Trust is an optional and very popular license plate in Indiana. I don't know what's on the "official" plain state plate, probably "crossroads of America".

    Don't have to tell you to stay warm!
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. I enjoyed your post, although I'm ogling the lemons and thinking I would so much rather be there than here.

    'Land of living skies' is what appears on Saskatchewan license plates. Most provinces are pretty boring when it comes to license plates.

  3. There was quit lot of talk when Indiana picked "In God We Trust" for the plate, a lot of people against it. But we won out!

  4. Are you sure, Carol? That ole' groundhog is mighty sneaky.

    I didn't know the IN GOD WE TRUST tag was optional. You must have a lot of religious folks there cause I saw a lot of them.

    No, don't need to tell me to stay warm. Stay cool is in order here with a high near 80.

  5. Hi Kate,

    Those were grapefruit and the lady that owned the tree gave me a bagful today. They were Indian River Pinks and oh so sweet.

    Of course you'd rather be here -you're not CRAZY!

  6. Don't tell Carol, but I occasionally mix up Indiana and IOWA, not Illinois.

    Maybe Hoosier State gets too many "Hoosier Daddy" jokes? Illinois ditched Sucker State for Land of Lincoln ~ good move!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. An in Arizona, ours should read,
    "So you think it's hot here?
    Great post!

  8. Carolyn Gail: Thanks so much for visiting my blog AND for visiting my state! I worked in my garden all afternoon today it was so perfectly sunny Florida.

    I had to laugh at the comedian comment, "Ask Us About Our Grandkids". Not so much in the Tampa area but it could be true if you get over to the St. Pete/Clearwater area. Have a wonderful time... let me know if you need restaurant tips or sight-seeing tips.

  9. Hey there No Rain and thanks for visiting. Great plate slogan!

  10. Hi Meems,

    I wish I had a garden to work in down here in Florida. I couldn't help but dead head a few straggly looking annuals, however.

    Thanks for the offer on suggesting restaurants, etc. We have friends in the area that moved here from Chicago 10 years ago and they've been very helpful. We're visiting the botanical gardens and other sights nearby.

    I must say that I'm amazed that more people here don't really seem to be into gardening that much. I'd have a tropical fruit orchard and huge vegetable garden if I lived here year round.

  11. What's really sad is that Illinois had to change its slogan to "Land of Lincoln" because there's hardly any prairie left in the former "Prairie State."

  12. What a fun post, Carolyn. What I want to know, being a bit geographically challenged, is how many miles you've driven to get from Chicago to Florida? I can see on the map, but I can't tell how long a drive it is.
    Sadly, I can't even remember what's on our Nova Scotian plate. I think it still says 'Canada's Ocean Playground', but if our MORONIC fiddle playing premier has his idiotic way, it'll probably say something about fiddling, or his other brilliant slogan, "Come to Life". (I'll trade him for a pint of Jack Daniels, or a lemon tree, any day.)

  13. We drove exactly 1,120 miles through Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, and Florida to our final destination in the Tampa area.

    So does that mean you don't like the premier? Teehee.

  14. Caroline Gail, you can't imagine how much I enjoyed reading your blog today. I was born in Jacksonville, FL and moved to Tampa when I was 18 and live there until I was in Chicago on business and met my husband so I have been in Schaumburg since 2000. I miss our FL trees. When I was young we would braid the needles from our tall pines. Now I live in a townhome and miss sitting in the grass. Hopefully we will be moving back in 2012. As long as I lived in FL (48 years)I only appreciated the beaches. Now being in the midwest I appreciate so much more of my home state and you said it all so well. Thanks! Susan :)

  15. Thank you, Susan. Your home state of Florida is really lovely.


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