March 12, 2008


Just as America is the greatest country in the world, Blotanical is the world's greatest garden blog directory :). Geez what some people will say to get a star ! All kidding aside, since I've become a member last December I have watched Blotanical grow and my blog along with it.

Blotanical has opened up a whole new world filled with bloggers from all walks of life and interests, all unique in their perspectives . I have made a lot of " virtual " friends as the younger generation dubs them and even got to meet Joyce from Muum'smusings when she visited Chicago recently.

In all honesty the one thing I don't like about Blotanical is the most popular user feature. You may have noticed that I was at the top of the list for quite some time but dropped out. The reason why is that I was just mindlessly picking every single post and loggin in and out to rack up points. Stuart has written about this issue on the News feature of Blotanical and while his reasoning may be logical to his way of thinking, it isn't to mine. As for me , the old saw " It's not whether you win or lose it's how you play the game " will be my motto from now on.

Even picking favorite posts is difficult because we have such a selection of professional writers, celebrities, amateurs and just plain passionate gardeners that love to write . It's almost like being a judge at a beauty contest and having to select one of the beauties.

I do want to thank Stuart for all the tremendous work he's done in putting up Blotanical and I know that he has a lot more brilliant ideas in store for us as it grows.

So can I get my star now, Stuart ?


  1. Carolyn,

    Thoughtful post with a delightfully funny the Brits say....brilliant.


  2. Thanks, Gail. I'm glad you like my post.

  3. It is an interesting site. I don't log on there as often as I'd like because I always find more blogs to add to my growing list and it is becoming overwhelming! What happened to Kate Smudges, or whoever that was, who had the #1 site for so long. I noticed it was mysteriously absent when I looked today.

  4. Hi Phillip,

    I asked Stuart the same thing about Kate and he said she withdrew for personal reasons, whatever that means.

    I think there's something wrong with that counter on Blotanical. The no. 1 spot has 300 something visits and the second spot only a little over a hundred. I had never heard of Old Country Garden before and suddenly it was No. 1 !

    Anyhoo, I do enjoy reading the many interesting blogs and making buddies.

    Thanks for dropping by. How's the weather in 'Bama ?

  5. I totally agree. Anytime that I am "faved", I feel guilty if I don't go "fav" the person that "faved" me. That is not what it's about. I enjoy reading different blogs, and I enjoy blotanical. But I am not much into popularity contests. So I just enjoy it and don't worry about numbers.

  6. I like the variety of gardeners here. I don't try to rack up points but take my time and read a few a night. I try to pick favorites and a few newbies. I write too much to ever be at the top. I love writing and like seeing my points slowly get there.

    Stuart said he was going to be concentrating on getting the forums up and running. I would imagine that would create dust bunnies in other parts of the house.

  7. Carolyn, Nice post for Blotanical. I really can get lost in reading other gardening blogs and Blotanical makes it easy with them all in one place.

    Here's to your red star and bold lettering for your blog title! :-)
    Meems @HoeandShovel

  8. I just discovered Old Country Gardens about a month ago and it is a very nice blog. I've added it to my favorites list.

    Spring has arrived! It was 70 today. I'm working on a pathway and hope to get a progress report posted later in the week.

  9. A thoughtful and fun post, Carolyn! I'm with you on this, as you know. It's fun picking posts and faving good writing ((and there's a LOT out there, as you also point out.) But it's all just for fun. I actually thought you would have had a star long ago, because you've promoted Blotanical in the past and been such a great participant--it was your participating and picking that got me into it.

  10. Great post, Carolyn. I love Blotanical because it has so many gardening blogs in one place which makes it so easy to find interesting gardeners. That's how I found your blog a few weeks back. I like that I can read for hours about my favorite hobby.

    Jan Always Growing

  11. The ranking at Blotanical keeps me away. I tried to "fav" all of the blogs on my blogroll but ran out of points. It is a great way to find new to me blogs but I simply don't have the time to hang out there and rack up points.

  12. Thanks for visiting, Apple and expressing your opinion.


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