March 13, 2008


Attention all you winter-weary gardeners awaiting Spring and ready to jump out into the garden . HALT ! Listen up, couch potatoes or tied-to-the-computer internet surfers. You can't just go out and garden all day without being prepared or at the end of the day you'll be groaning and moaning about the aches and pains.

We all know that gardening is healthy and that just a half hour or more a day will improve fitness.

So here's the program all set up and ready for you , prepared by a certified personal trainer and broken down into six one-week sessions, with illustrations to show exactly how the routine is done.

No more excuses! Go to where Kimberly Ridout , a gardener herself, has laid out the perfect garden body fitness plan designed especially for gardeners. A big thank-you to Kimberly !


  1. What! you mean sitting on my backside and snacking on dark chocolate Doves aren't going to get me ready for gardening!?!
    But I have a consistent routine going! Ha!
    THis is a great idea, Carolyn, and I am going to do it!! thanks for the great idea.

  2. Hey Joyce,

    The dark chocolate is good in reasonable quantity but it's the sitting part that's not.

    The gardenfitness website is a great one for getting in shape because you feel like you have your own personal trainer without paying for it. Leave it to the thrify Scot that I am !

    Any good news about your girl ?

  3. Thanks for the reminder. Every year I can hardly move for the first week of my outdoor gardening experience. Yikes, I need to get ready NOW!

  4. Hey Michigander and welcome jane marie to Sweet Home and Garden Chicago !

    Thyme to get ready for Spring and Herbs, eh ?

  5. Thank you for the tip Carolyn. I'll be checking out Kim's program.

  6. Very good website. Thanks for the link. This is something I have to do if I want to be able to continue gardening.


  7. You're welcome, lintys and gail.

  8. Good grief, carolyn ... like we northerners don't have enough stress! But what you say has merit and I wholeheartedly agree with your timely post. (In the meantime until I see a bursting bud or blade of green, I'll be focusing on my core, doing pilates ~ I love & hate them ~ in my dreams.)

  9. Yeah you Northerners do have your share of stress, Joey.

    So you're a pilates person, eh ? Pilates are very challenging and it's no wonder you have a love/hate relationship with it.

    Spring with its bursting buds and blades of green will cure you of all that nonsense !

  10. I start to work Monday going gung ho! Can you condense that program in to a 3 day makeover? I stock plants for several major retailers. I am an internet winter surfer. I'm going to die next week. I sleep good though. I usually get used to it in 2 weeks. I always say I'll get ready early next year. I hope folks take your advice. It will probably save on Ibuprofen money and they can spend more in the garden.

  11. You're just like the Chicago Cubs who say " wait 'til next year ! "

    Good luck with your new job, Anna. Sounds like its going to be challenging.

  12. Thanks for trying to help us. I read your comment about strength training on someone's post also and was moved to try it for the old back. But if we are fit and toned, what will we have to whine about? ;->

    Frances at Faire Garden

  13. I just came back to see what you said--funny about those Cubs!! I'm going to die tomorrow night and I should already be in bed!

  14. Thanks for the return visit, Anna. You'll just feel like you're gonna die.

  15. It's a great idea to think of exercise (which I do a lot of anyway) as a way to prepare for gardening. Thinking of spring and digging will be a helpful way for me to get through the next session on my treadmill.

    I'm so looking forward to spring. The sun was shining beautifully today, so I can’t wait to start on my flower gardening.


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