April 18, 2008


DJ Garrity at Mt. Rushmore

Award-winning sculptor DJ Garrity will lead a fascinating exploration of the art of stone sculpture at the Chicago Botanical Garden from May 6-9, 2008. Garrity, who served three tours of duty as Sculptor-in-Residence of Mount Rushmore National memorial, has established an international reputation with gardeners, artists and educators who have enjoyed this innovative workshop and the opportunity to create a unique garden sculpture.

No experience is required to participate in The Rhythms of Stone Workshop and students of all ages have joined in the light approach which Garrity brings to the art of stone sculpture. The program is fully accredited for undergraduate, graduate and professional development credits.

Class size is limited to 12 and students can register online at the Chicagobotanicgarden
or by contacting Beth Pinargote, Coordinator of Symposia and Special Programs. Visit Dj at www.djgarrity.com.


  1. I couldn't believe this post, Carolyn Gail, because my husband and son just returned today from a trip which included Mt. Rushmore. My son had just shown me his pictures a few minutes before, then I click here and see your post. Too funny

  2. Thanks for visiting, Robin. That is indeed a coincidence. What an exciting place to visit. I hope to go someday myself.

  3. I've been and it was awesome. The night light show is the bomb. It's very patriotic. I can't make it on May 6th though. I'm turning 50 and celebrating. I'll go again when I'm 100--see you then.

  4. I love the photo, and I so wish I lived closer to Chicago. I would have loved listening to DJ Garrity's lecture. He sounds very inspiring!

  5. We should all live so long, Anna ! You look more like 30 than 50 : ) Happy birthday to you.

  6. carolyn - i need help! so i went to lurveys today looking for a dwarf magnolia and the lady told me i shouldnt get a magnolia because of the danger of late frost. instead, she recommended a redbud forest pansy which was really pretty and according to the lady would only get 8-10 feet tall. so when i researched it, everything I see says those things get way taller than that. what do you think? also, what do you think of the Magnolia Jane? that seems to be the only shorter magnolia I can find. i read that those bloom in mid may but they are all over HD and other big box stores blooming right now. i'm so confused!

  7. Hey, Gina. Redbuds are pretty ( especially the Forest Pansy which has a purple leaf ) but are more sensitive than Magnolias. Plus, as you read they get big and wide, around 15 to 20 feet.

    The Jane Magnolia is a nice dwarf and is one of the "little girl " series that include Betty, Ann, and Susan. I have Betty and she was only affected by a late April freeze just once in her 15 year life so I don't think that's a big issue. You could always throw a blanket over it if need be.

    Another dwarf is the Magnolia Stellata or Star Magnolia that is white and blooms earlier than the Dwarf.

    I don't think you have enough room for a large tree do you ?

  8. The sculpture workshops of DJ Garrity are a current offering of the Chicago Botanical Garden, the United States Botanical Garden in Washington D.C. and The Four Arts Society of Palm Beach, Florida. The course is also accredited by Augustana College of South Dakota for undergraduate, graduate and professional development credits. For more information please contact the Arts Center at (916) 971-3713. The fee is $475.00, which includes all materials and the use of hand tools. The class size is limited to twelve students and more information concerning the work of DJ Garrity is available at www.djgarrity.com.



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