April 25, 2008


Inga of Taste Memory has generously given me the E for Excellent Award. Thanks so much, Inga, I deeply appreciate it.

Inga and I have some things in common : We are both from the South. She's from South Korea and I am from the South . Actually Inga was born in Seoul but grew up in Southern California. She's Korean married to an American and I am American married to a Korean. She's a foodie and while I'm not I do love to cook, both soul and Seoul food.

I'm so happy to have made a new friend in Inga and she is the first non-garden blogger that I've added to my blogroll. Go and visit her blog. You'll be delighted as I was.

I now get to pass the E award on to 10 0ther bloggers. Here are some of them :

Carol at Maydreamsgardens
Gina at Myskinnygarden
Joyce at Muumsmusings
Phillip at Dirt Therapy
Ki at Mucknmire
Val at the Illustrated Gardener
David at Leave me Alone I'm Digging


  1. Hey Carolyn....you are so sweet! Thanks for the psa ~ public service announcement :)

    I just bot some more basil and ventured out and got some sorrel....never tried planting them but they sounded French so I gave in!

    Seoul/Soul sistah!

  2. What a nice surprise! thanks for the award! I"ll try to figure out how to put it up on my blog........!

  3. Hi Carolyn Gail,
    I was going to thank you for including me for the Excellent Award last night but I wanted to leave a wittier comment than just thank you so I held off until now but I'm as witless now as I was last evening =:(

    So...many thanks for this terrific recognition.

  4. You are more than welcome, Ki. You more than deserve it for the great blog that you've created and that we all enjoy.

  5. Thanks so much! I feel so honored. I've been so busy lately that I've just now had time to visit. I will display it with honor!

  6. You deserve it for your great garden blog, Phillip.

  7. Thank you, Carolyn for the Excellence Award. I'm honored to be in such great company. Bobbyearl

  8. You're welcome. I look forward to more of your gardening adventures.

  9. Hey Inga,

    Those French will get you everytime :) I believe that the French are indeed the biggest consumers of sorrel. I grew some one year, too, but found it a bit sour.

  10. Thank you soooo much! I'm thrilled to receive an award from you. Also, regarding sorrel: Folks around here use it as a pond plant. Strange but true.

  11. Your are sooooo welcome, Val and deserving. Love your blog .

  12. carolyn - you are too kind! thank you so much! i'm honored to be recognized by a bad ass "blog of note" like you.

    now can you please tell me how the heck to get that "E" in my sidebar so that I can make a proper post about this?

  13. Can you say "ass" Gina :) ?

    That's real funny you asking an old dinosaur like moi how to do something as technical as copy and paste.

    Let's see, as I recall, I right clicked the logo then copied it to my desktop. Next I opened up the dashboard of my blog and selected layout. Under layout you have an option to add a page element. Select adding a photo. Click on that and import the file from the desktop. I'm a genius !


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