April 23, 2008


Cast in Stone : The Resident Rabbit at Sweet Garden Chicago
and the only kind I like.

My pet goldfish have awakened from their long Winter's nap

My new chair cushions have arrived and are installed

Magnolia Betty is once again ready to put on a show

Spring has finally arrived in the form of tulips, daffodils and Scilla. But I'm cautiously optimistic because I've read the long range forecast for Chicago : Frost or freeze warnings early next week so I won't be planting annuals until after then.


  1. I was in Holland last week for tulip season and got to see Keukenhof gardens. So I've had been lucky to have seen more than my share of the early spring risers.

    I'm anxious to get out my summer furniture this weekend too! We don't have any upcoming freezes I know of, but I'm a pessimist, I'm not ruling out another snow storm!

  2. Lucky you, Jim. No better place to be in the Spring !

    We could still have a snow storm in April but I'm being cautiously optimistic that we don't.

  3. April is always the capricious month, Gina. Let's hope we don't get a freeze or frost.

  4. Chicago weather often gives an idea of what we might get... hopefully the forecast is wrong, wrong, wrong!

    But, I've enjoyed your flowers & Spring preparations!!! :-)

  5. My tulips are finally blooming-- I'm so happy. Found a great spray for them to keep the deer at bay and they look great this year. What would we do if we couldn't garden. I love your blog and check it often. You have great posts.

  6. So do I, Shady. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Hi grand life,

    You have a grand blog which I've enjoyed visiting. Thanks for commenting.

  8. tulips came up lovely

    Carolyn - love what you're doing....posted a bit about you on my blog today & would like to award you with the "E" award for excellence! Thanks for inspiring reads on the green+gardening life as well as sharing the Korean recipes that are to the T!

    More details on today's post & happy spring!

  9. It's so much fun to pop over and see how your "garden grows". Love the bunny and the goldfish, too. We're getting ready to install a small pond and look forward to getting goldfish. Can't wait!
    Patricia ;o)

  10. Hi Carolyn Gail, those are some very spring like flowers you have blooming. You are wise to wait on the annuals, we just now are safe, and still not really sure. I like your mixing it up with the cushions, same color family, different patterns. Very eclectic!

  11. I'm just hoping what I have out there already can make it through the frost. Yeesh, what a spring! But Friday was lovely.


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