May 15, 2008


Ah, May in the garden .....

Dwarf iris

Autumn Moon Japanese Maple


Jacob's Ladder

'Olga Mezzitt ' Rhododendron in pink attire

Old fashioned lilac

Magnolia 'Betty '

Snowball Viburnum

Lily-flowering tulips

Dwarf iris and bergenia


  1. I love May in the garden... lilacs and snowball bushes, irises and even some tulips. All some of the showiest flowers of the year, aren't they?

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day again. I know this is your busy time of the year!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Hi Carolyn - your garden looks so pretty already. I just love the old fashion lilacs and since I've finally learned what they are I've realize my alley is lined with them. About 50% of people around here seem to have one.

  3. So many lovely blooms! I live downstate, so many of the blooms you show--the lilacs and tulips--are done here. I'm in a state of anticipation, as Carol says.

  4. My garden is past where you're at but not into the full swing of perennials. It's an inbetween time that I need to solve.

  5. Carolyn, your garden looks lovely. So many pretty things are blooming this month!

  6. Hi Carolyn -
    I really like your blog so I "tagged" you for one of those "13 things about you" games on my blog. :)

  7. Love those Lily flowering tulips, they're so elegant. May really is a great time in the garden.

  8. Gorgeous. May is usually the best month for blooms, isn't it? Well, not my May this year anyway.

  9. Totally classic spring blooms, Carolyn - love the dwarf yellow iris and the darker old-fashioned lilac... enjoy the fragrance and happy blooming day!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  10. Oh those tulips! They are so nice. I also like the irises (though I tend to prefer the taller varieties).Beautiful garden and blooms

  11. Thank you all for visiting my May garden.

  12. Wow, wonderful garden photos and esp. of the full moon maple! Your Betty mag. looks great too. Surprisingly our Jane is still producing flowers after more than a month.

  13. Thanks, Ki. Autumn Moon is a real show stopper. Betty did very well this year. As you know they don't like hot weather. Today I saw a hummingbird feeding on the few blooms it has left.

  14. Don't you just love this time in the garden? You've got some beautiful things going on there!


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