May 30, 2008

Hot HOT Dog !

Chicago and New York -both known for their pizza and hot dogs and that's one thing I miss since becoming a vegetarian. I've tried the tofu pups and veggie dogs but they just don't taste that good to me.

In the Food Section of the Chicago Tribune this past Wednesday the heading HOT DOG/HAUTE DOG caught my eye. They asked a few choice Chicago chefs to put a spin on the Chicago hot dog. As if it could be improved.

World famous chef Charlie Trotter's recipe for Asian Tuna Dog caught my attention. His thinking was since there's a tuna burger why not a tuna dog ? But the interesting thing was what he put on it -Wasabi mayo and Spicy Kimchi. Ouch ! That's a one-two punch. This will certainly give new meaning to the word "hot" dog.


  1. Have you tried one? Sounds HOT!

  2. Well I just spent about half an hour watching the Expert Village videos on your blog. Thanks for putting those on! Fascinating. I am ready to fly outta work and go make myself a vegetable garden!! :)

  3. Wow! That would make you sit up straight! ;-)

    I just left a little Muse today, as I'm leaving for a week or so!

  4. I eat Kimchi quite frequently and to some it can be hot or spicy but I've acquired a taste for it. Have tried it on a Tuna dog yet.

  5. Good for you , Allison and you're welcome.

  6. Thanks, Shady, I appreciate your participation and will be over to check it out.

  7. Carolyn, I love Charlie Trotter, but I'll skip the Asian Tuna Dog, thank you!

    There's just nothing like a good, old-fashioned Chicago hot dog - a great dog, mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and celery salt. The best ones I've had were at a little hot dog stand in Bridgeview in the south suburbs on Harlem Avenue called Pup 'N Pop. Just hot dogs and potato chips, no fries. They didn't even have a fryer.

    Growing up in Albany Park, my favorite day at school was hot dog day. On hot dog day, we didn't walk the 1/2 block home for lunch, we ate at our desks in our classrooms instead. A kosher dog, a bag of chips, and a little package of Salerno Butter Cookies. Heaven to a fourth-grader!

  8. Hi Lintys,

    You're right about the good old fashioned Chicago hot dog .

    But, as a vegetarian I'm going to try the Asian tuna dog . I eat both tofu and veggie burgers and with all the goodies on top they don't taste too bad at all.

    Growing up in the South our favorite BBQ's were usually pulled pork or chicken so I don't have the same affinity you do for the hot dog.

  9. I am trying to imagine what that tastes like and i think it's too early for me.....! The thought of spice ridden kimchi on tuna sounds do-able tho - it's making me think of vietnamese binh mah sandwiches.


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