June 1, 2008


Wild Roses by Vincent Van Gogh


Mine is the month of roses; yes,

and mine is the month of marriages !

All pleasant sights and scents,

The fragrance of the blossoming vine,

The foilage of the valleys and heights

Mine are the longest days, the loveliest nights;

The mower's scythe makes music to my ear;

I am the mother of all dear delights

I am the fairest daughter of the year.

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


  1. Lovely, Carolyn...(I'm finnally getting to catch up a wee bit on all my backlogged blog reading/posting etc. And I have my post up too!

  2. Here comes the warm weather for you, Carolyn Gail! I just turned off the heat on Friday, & we'll probably need the AC by the middle of the week. Hello summer. I had to post a bit from "A Midsummer-Night's Dream" for my June Muse post.

  3. I hope your June is shaping up as a fair daughter for you in Chicagoland, Carolyn!

    Thanks for starting Muse Day - here's my entry for June 2008.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. Hi Carolyn,

    My second piece of Longfellow for the weekend! Unbelievably someone at a London Tube station had scrawled a quote on the service bulletin board. The Big Sofa blog captured it for posterity.

    I'm celebrating garden birds today with a piece from Ted Hughes


    Have a great Muse Day!

  5. I don't believe Longfellow ever wrote anything I didn't immediately fall in love with! Perfect prose for this perfect month. And the painting is a perfect illustration.

    My GBMD post is up as well:

  6. Great poem for June Muse Day. I just posted my poetry selection.

    Always Growing

  7. Hi Carolyn,
    This is a very lovely painting and the poem. I think I didn't know it before, so thank you :)
    I made my contribution here:
    Ewa in the Garden: Muse Day#links

  8. Carolyn, thanks so much. How cheery. I love how you've expanded my poetry reading.~~Dee

  9. Loving the Longfellow! I posted some Jane Kenyon over at www.pleasanthillramblings.blogspot.com. Thanks, Carolyn!

  10. great poem! my GBMD post is up, too!

  11. The WWWs have their GBMD post up. We figured others would sing the praises of June, roses, sunshine, etc. So we took a slightly different angle. It's a bit chilly here for the 1st of June.

  12. Thanks to all of you for joining the June Muse Day. I will be over to read your selections.

  13. Lovely choice of poetry for June; it's my favorite month as well.
    This is my first Garden Muse Day post, and I have a late entry with some Robert Frost. I was waiting for the right photo op, but it didn't turn out. Sorry to be so tardy.

  14. Not sure why we're showing up as "anonymous" but here is our URL.


  15. Really enjoyed your site. The viburnum photos are lovely.

    I'm gardening north west of Chicago in the Rockford area.

  16. Hi Carolyn,
    I haven't heard that term in a long time. "knee high to a grasshopper" I always use it. I visited your site a week or so ago and thought it was great. FYI, I have mentioned your site on my blog as a site to visit. Hope you get visitors.
    (From Visions)

  17. Very nice poem for June! Hey Carolyn, do you work with orchids? I have some questions about my dendrobium - maybe you can answer them?


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