June 6, 2008


In the beginning there were : Three lonely boxwoods, a hosta
Some grass and an existing Birch tree

The end of the Bluestone paver path awaits a potential bench/art piece

In the foreground : Japanese Rock Garden Juniper, a wonderful evergreen ground cover,
a blue hosta and New Guinea Impatients

The newlywed homeowners wanted a clean, contemporary look to go with their house. I removed the grass and added a ton of soil amendments to the almost pure clay I found. Uuuggg!!

I then transplanted the three existing boxwoods and clipped them into a rounder shape.

The client was delighted with their new garden.


  1. I can see why the homeowners would be delighted, that's a great little garden you came up with for them.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Thanks Carol. It was almost 90 degrees on Thursday when I planted the garden and I must've consumed a gallon of water and perspired just as much.

    I don't like planting when it's so hot but the show must go on.

  3. That is a beautiful transformation. I love how the cool colors all complement each other.

    It's hard to work in this heat. It's over 100 down here today and our plants aren't use to it. We are still in an awful drought.

    I'm a non blogger now--but still keeping up and enjoying the reading part. In fact, having more time to read blogs and research some of the stuff you and others talk about is all about what I want to do now. I didn't have time before.


  4. Hi Anna,

    thanks for dropping by and the compliments.

  5. I LOVE the Junipers! What a pretty shade of green. I'm going to have to do a little research on those because I think we will be making a home for one...or two... or three. LOL :-)

  6. This little garden is beautiful without overwhelming the small space. Very nice work!

  7. Thanks Val and John. Appreciate the comments.

  8. I don't know about you but the heat gets harder to take every year.

  9. I am so envious of your ability. This looks so pretty. I can see where the homeowners are very happy with what you did here. KC

  10. Lovely result Carolyn. The shape of the boxwoods acts as a perfect foil to the other plantings & really adds interest and a touch of formality to the garden.
    Chicago got a mention on our nightly News this week re: the heatwave you've been experiencing. Keep cool!
    Millie ^_^


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