May 7, 2008


Looking down at Millenium Park from the 21st floor

Aha ! A green roof in the heart of Chicago

Entrance to Millenium Park
( off Michigan Ave. )

The redbuds and tulips are in bloom.

Got any extra money you're not using?
Donald Trump Tower isn't finished yet.

A secret garden ( and the only one in the building ! )
I found behind the public one on
the 19th floor of my friend's high rise overlooking
Millenium Park.

This garden is on the 9th floor and is for use of all
residents of the high rise.

I had a belated birthday lunch with my friend who has a condo overlooking beautiful Millenium Park in the heart of downtown Chicago. What a wonderful day we enjoyed strolling down my old haunts on Michigan Avenue.


  1. What a wonderous view. I have been to the millinum park when it first opened and I am sure it has matured and changed a lot since then.

    A belated Happy Birthday. I bet none of your old haunts on MI AVE had anything to do with shopping. tee hee.... Happy Day.

  2. You got that right, Lisa - shopping is not my thing but looking at gardens, well, it's kind of an obsession.

    I even had a problem with the landscape architect at Millenium Park. They don't always consider how much space a tree or shrub needs in order to grow and be healthy and plant them too close together.

    The one area they indicated would be a "living fence " in 5-10 years will, I'm afraid, it'll be any thing but because the trees are so close together they'll be killing each other out in competition for light, food , etc.

  3. Carolyn, what a magnificent view! Your friend is fortunate to be able to enjoy, and share that view.

    It's interesting that at a place as high-profile as Millenium Park, there would be such poor planning by the landscape architect, especially considering he surely made a fortune for that job.

    I can relate to the shopping thing - not my cup of tea either (unless you count shopping for plants.)

  4. Thanks, Linty. It's not the first time a landscape architect or an architect has erred. Frank Lloyd Wright didn't like gutters on his houses and they are all in terrible shape right now.

    I'm afraid my husband, the Engineer, is not very fond of some architects for that very reason . Form must always follow function.

  5. I can't believe that I live so close to Chicago and never go there. There is so much to see. Maybe someday. I especially would like to see the green roofs, they intrigue me. I am glad to see that they are being used more.

  6. You must come and visit Chicago, vonlafin. It's a beautiful city with lots to see.

  7. Beautiful city views. I do admire the city planners in Chicago for trying to add more green space to the city. It is a fun place to visit, though I've not been there that often.

    Maybe more of us will see it if there is a "spring" fling in fall 2009?

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  8. Thanks, Carol. I think MMD is working on the possibility of a 'Spring fling' for next Fall.

    The Chicago-city-planner-in-chief is Hizzoner Da Mayor : ) He's born in May so no wonder.

  9. Great birds-eye views of the park! The only thing better than living downtown is having a friend who lives there. I enjoyed it at the time, but now I just like to visit. And "Spring Fling 2008" is looking like a fall thing - hey, it's spring in the Southern hemisphere then.

  10. Isn't the city GREAT in the springtime? I was squinting at your Millennium Park picture because, if you took this on Tuesday, I was probably sitting in the park eating lunch when you took that picture. I wanted to get out and enjoy the city like a tourist. lol! I took some pics of the flowers and other stuff and was gonna do a video blog about it. But you beat me. LOL :) Happy Birthday! How nice to share your birthday with the Chicago tulip season.

  11. This is cool - it's not often you're lucky enough to be able to see some of the green roofs Chicago has to offer.

  12. So true, rosemarie. I love the look of it.


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