June 26, 2008


Wisteria Kentucky ' Blue Moon '

Last Fall we had to move the Chinese Wisteria standard due to an extension of our porch. Knowing that it doesn't like to be disturbed I was very apprehensive about transplanting it. Alas, I was right and it didn't leaf up this Spring.

I don't know why I love Wisteria SO much. It may just be a Southern thang. Anyhoo, I found a replacement that promises to be the hardiest of all Wisterias, having been tested and grown in Minnesota and surviving -40 degrees. PLUS, it bloom three times a year and is fragrant.

So I welcome Kentucky Blue Moon to my garden. My neighbor was so enamored of my Chinese Wisteria she grieved with me on its passing. I hope that we'll both enjoy our latest addition.


  1. carol - i really want some wisteria but i'm kind of scared of it.

  2. That sound like a perfect replacement. I could easliy live with a wisteria that blooms 3 times a year.

  3. What a coincidence, I bought this one this year too. I haven't gotten it into the ground yet, unfortunately.

  4. Oh girl, you just don't know. A little Wisteria is nice but if that vine starts in your woods, it it will choke the life out of every tree. I spent one whole Summer when we moved where we are not,,,just cutting those enormus vines down so the trees would grow..Sure it's pretty and smells sweet but it is decietful...you have to watch it.
    I live on the beautuful MS Gulf Coast and Wisteria grows like a weed. I do have some on a fence that I keep under control though and it is beautiful....


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