June 30, 2008


Illinois is home to only one species of hummingbirds -the rubythroated. They usually arrive in Chicago May 1 and stay until the Fall. I have observed several hummers drinking from my lilacs , magnolia and rhododendron in early Spring.

I've also planted annuals such as bright red petunias and perennials such as liatris, phlox , mondarda and cardinal flowers to draw their attention.

A few days ago I found this hummingbird feeder in my attempt to lure more of them through-out the summer. I think I'll tie some red and yellow ribbons on it as well to signal that I've added an extra feeding station.


  1. The humingbirds at our home love the red salvia, Lady in Red, I have planted. In fact, my dear hubby says that is why they do not come to the feeder as much now as they used to since that salvia has spread and grown so big.

    Always Growing

  2. I bet they will find your feeder when their young hatch and they have lots of mouths to feed.

  3. Haven't visited in a while. Thought I'd stop by and catch up.

    I like the feeder you bought. I'm in search of a large one. Friends on a bird watching site showed me photos of catbirds drinking the sugar water at their hummer feeders. I want to make sure mine is big enough should the catbirds want to sip:) Good luck attracting the hummingbirds to your new feeder.


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