July 14, 2008


Floral Arrangement of July Blooms

My two containers are lush after a month of sunshine.

Orange Yarrow

'Peppermint Twist ' Phlox

White Lily

View from the Front Porch

'Peewee' Oakleaf Hydrangea

First bloom on Young 'Annabelle' Hydrangea

Go visit Carol at Maydreamsgardens and share the blooms of all the garden blogger's bloomday posts.


  1. Lovely blooms--your containers are gorgeous!

  2. I really like those containers, too. You do so much with the space you have in Chicago, beautiful!

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. Hmmm, for some reason you are not coming through to my google reader. I must investigate. Did something change with your feed ?

    Back to the blooms -
    I love your floral arrangement. It is truly an art which one must practice and you do it so well.

  4. Hi Carolyn,

    Love that 'Peppermint Twist' phlox. I want me some of that. Are you going to grow the 'Pinky Winky' Hydrangea? I've got two that I received from GWA. They aren't out yet, but I thought you would have them now.~~Dee

  5. Thanks, Rose.

    I try, Carol. Just when my hubby says "where do you think you're gonna put that flower " I somehow manage to find a space.

    Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for stopping by . I changed to feedburner so that I could get on Blotanical.

    Thanks, Dee. We have 'Pinky Winky' at the garden center but I don't have it in my garden. I planted a Hydrangea Serrulata "spreading beauty' last year and it's in bloom now. It's the smallest of the hydrangeas and very hardy.

  6. Gorgeous blooms all but the containers are outstanding.

  7. Thanks, Lisa. I'll be over to visit your garden.

  8. The containers caught my eye too. They're gorgeous!

  9. Hi Carolyn, your blooms are beautiful. What a gorgeous floral arrangement! Your containers are so pretty. I love those mossed urns.

  10. Thanks Robin and Lintys. I'll be over to visit your gardens as well.

  11. Lush is a great way to describe those containers. Does 'PeeWee'have the same size blooms as the species Hydrangea quercifolia?

  12. Hi MMD,

    Thanks. Yes 'Peewee' has the same size blooms as the standard, it's just shorter at 4' .

  13. OMyGosh~ how do you do this?! So lovely and everything is blooming like crazy? Do you fertilize often or is it humming sweet nothings + pleasantries to your plants that do it?

    I am lucky if I get a bloom or two.

    My potted roses are not blooming well this year.

    Had to move potted sorrel plant because a lizard was eating the leaves!

    Beautiful post here ~ thanks for stopping by TM recently. Hope you are having a fun summer!

  14. My pleasure, Inga. It has been a rather relaxing summer for me thus far.

    No I don't fertilize but once in the Spring and it's usually with just some cotton burr compost and alfalfa humate.

    Roses are very heavy feeders. Are you feeding them once a month with a rose fertilizer ? If not try that and see if it will encourage them to bloom.

    Lizards gotta eat too you know :)

    I've been making a lot of Korean cold noodle dishes and lettuce wraps these hot July days. Today I made some Kim bap .

  15. I do have rose fertilizer and haven't been using! I will try that once a month.......so many mouths to feed around here.....

    have been detoxing on lots of veggies/salads since vacation in Calif. My mom's K-cooking is quite ample. She insists on at least three servings until everyone is overtly full.

    u've reminded me to make some neng myum + mul kimchee! ;-P

    thanks for the flower bed + rose tip! ~ Brown Thumbr tryin2turn Green


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