August 15, 2008


Hibiscus ' syricus ' -Rose of Sharon

Today is Korea's liberation day and the national flower, Rose of Sharon, blooms in celebration.

My pots runneth over

A new pink coreposis

No flowers, just fruit on my Asian pear

Clematis 'Bee's Jubilee' repeat blooms

Jojo in front of a colorful container of annuals

Sedum ' Autumn Joy' , Veronica and Rudbeckia

There's a reason why she's called ' Limelight '

Pinkeyed Phlox

A new low-growing sedum , Cauticola 'lidakense'

Sneak preview of my neighbor's blooms

The glory that is August is apparent in lush gardens all over Chicagoland. What's in yours? Go visit Carol at Maydreamsgardens and see what's blooming in many other garden bloggers' gardens.


  1. That rosy sedum is quite attractive. Do you by chance know the botanical name?

  2. Carolyn, your garden is looking gorgeous! Your pots look like they're on steroids!

    I especially like your sedum, veronica, and rudbeckia combination. They look fabulous together.

  3. Your pots look wonderful - so lush and healthy.
    I like the Sedum, Veronica and Rudbeckia combination of planting very much
    Warm regards

  4. JoJo is a great bloom. So is that limelight.

  5. The limelight hydrangea is spectacular. I bet it is a standout in the garden.

    Always Growing

  6. What a stunning hibiscus. We didn't get around to putting one in this year.

  7. I love those containers, they are so full and lush. Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

    (And I need to figure out what is going on with your feed and my Google Reader. For some reason I'm not getting updates on your new posts. I've missed a lot!)

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  8. Thanks to all for your comments and especially to Carol for hosting GBBD.

  9. You have some stunning plants in your garden, Carolyn. Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more.

  10. I'm having the same feed problem as Carol with your feeds. Your garden looks like it's been enjoying the cooler weather we've had this summer. Your containers are amazing & Limelight Hydrangea is blooming its head off. I'm going to have to find a spot for that one.

  11. Thanks Carol and MMD. I don't understand why you're having problems picking up my feed. Of course I'm not all that technical either.


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