August 14, 2008


Picture perfect postcard

Perfect camouflage. Can you find the eagle ?

We've spent a few days in the piney Northern woods in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. The first photo above is one I snapped upon rising early in the morning. There are loons, herons, ducks, eagles, chipmunks and all sorts of critters roaming the forests.

The second photo is one of a pair of eagles we saw flying into the tallest tree around. If we hadn't seen it land we'd never have been able to locate it .

Being a Schnauzer ( "Nose " in German ) , Jojo got plenty of exercise sniffing at everything in sight and chasing whatever dared jump out .

Evenings were a bit chilly but we enjoyed a warm fire outdoors and listened to the entertainment of the loons calling back and forth to each other. What a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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