August 9, 2008

Second Contender to the Throne

Viburnum 'carlissi'

I know, Gina @ My skinnygarden, who says I tend toward things Korean. It's not just that I'm married to one it's simply because the Korean cultivars do so well here. Thus, I've selected Viburnum 'carlissii ' otherwise known as 'Korean spice ' to fill the void left by the death of Viburnum Plicatum ' mariesii. '

Korean Spice Viburnum is truly unique. It blooms rather early and is SO fragrant. It's blooms are deep pink turning to white with age. It's young now but will in time fill out and take it's rightful place.


  1. Lovely viburnum Carolyn, and a great new addition to your beautiful garden.

    I have two or three seedlings or suckers that might be 'Korean Spice.' They were growing very near two possible parents. One's Korean Spice. The other has very similar foliage but blooms later with a white blossom. Either way I hope they continue to thrive and eventually bloom. Viburnums are a wonderful bunch of diverse and beautiful shrubs!

  2. Lovely choice, Carolyn. Love viburnums and thinking of adding 'Korean Spice' to my garden in the spring. Keep us posted! Happy 'waning' August ;)


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