September 9, 2008


My historic landmark district neighborhood is full of beautiful architecture but lacking in good landscaping. It's a common saying in our business that we are the afterthought after all the money has been spent on the interior and exterior.

Walking is a daily hobby and while I admire all the beautiful structures I shudder at such sights for which there are no excuses as far as I'm concerned :

Poorly arranged evergreens:
How long since they've been watered and how long have they been dead?
Hello, anybody home ?

Hostas and grass...
Green and greener
Can it get more boring than this ?

More green

Sun-seeking, overgrown Yews

And they call me a redneck but I can't STAND
red mulch !

Oh Goodie, a whole yard full of shrubs
now that's original.

Unfortunately the bad outweight the good but I have managed to find a few good ones which I am so sure were done by pros. More on them later.


  1. For every home with a great front garden there's ten with ho-hum gardens here too. Having our annual garden tour with more than 300 homes in my neighborhood has helped make a difference. Sprucing up a garden is getting infectious around Buffalo. I wish only the same for you!

    A garden does seem to be the home owner's last frontier.

  2. Thanks, Jim, and good to hear your valued input. Just to have 300 people participate in a garden tour tells you a lot about the pride they have in their gardens. Glad to hear that gardening is getting infectious in Buffalo. Send some this way, won't you ?

  3. I found your blog through Blotanical. I'm also a gardener and blogger, but it took me almost 2 years to find out about Blotanical! I love your blog and would like to link to it from mine. Cameron (Defining Your Home Garden)

  4. Hi Cameron and welcome from the great state of North Carolina to Sweet Garden Chicago. Thank you so much for your compliments. I will visit your garden/blog and catch up on your posts.

    Y'all come back now, you hear ?

  5. There might be some examples of lousy landscaping, but when I visit my daughter in Lincoln Park I always marvel at the trees. You folks are so lucky to have those magnificent trees. If you think green and more green is bad, you should take a walk around the front range of CO and see brown and more brown!Thank goodness we have the mountains to draw the eye away from some of the lousy landscaping here!

  6. You would just faint if you saw our horrible front garden. Even my DB has decided that we must do something with it this fall. I will post before and after. It can only get better let me tell you. Even my neighbor that cut every tree down in her own garden offered to come over and work in our front garden. It wouldn't have hurt anything. Sigh~~

  7. Carolyn, I've had a problem adding your blog to my blogroll. The link goes to the Feedburner site instead! Have you had any problems with your feeds? Thanks, Cameron

  8. Not that I know of. Google bought Feedburner so it shouldn't be a problem. I'll have it checked out by my computer guru. Thanks for letting me know.


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