September 10, 2008


Oh what a difference a designer's touch makes !
What a cheerful face to show the public .

Front entrance planting could be better if
it had more unity such as grouping 2 or 3 of the same together, instead
of planting them helter-skelter.

Beautiful ornamental grass ( but not as a
focal point in the center of the lawn ). Please !

What were they thinking? This is what's left after a chaotic
prairie planted in a city frontyard, is cleared of overgrown weeds and plants.
This is a haven for rodents.

This is more like it. A semi-circle of colorful
plantings near the entrance is inviting. There's a colorful
ornamental purple leaved plum in the center .

I'm SO green and boring ! Beautiful huge condo with a
gigantic frontyard. No greenspace in the back and the
front could be put to better use with lots of hardscape and nice plantings for residents
to use as an outdoor gathering place in the summer.

The raised beds are nice but what's with the planting
outside them ?

My pet peeve : Crowding trees and shrubs
and sticking them next to the foundation. There's
enough plant material here to do 2 or 3 beds.

1 comment:

  1. I would love to have a front entrance garden like the first photo. Mine is a little jungle-like in appearance right now, but I'm working on it.
    I've noticed that developers usually have no clue about landscaping. When my son bought his new house, there were shade-loving plants in the very sunny front yard, and everything planted too close to the foundation.


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