September 21, 2008


JoJo wonders what her human is up to.

There's never NOTHING left to do in a garden and each Autumn finds
me going over every corner to see how it can be improved.

Let Autumn begin

Yum...Asian Pears grow fatter each day. S-h-h-h,
so far the birds and squirrels haven't touched them.

Renovated bed ready for more plants

This corner is looking good with ornamental grass, Olga Mezzit
Rhododendron, Limelight Hydrangea and Sweet Autumn Clematis.

I've filled in bare area in front of the border with sedums and low grasses

These containers still look awesome after many months

Sedum, Hydrangea, Asters and Mums,
my favorite Fall perennials .


  1. Your garden looks great, I can't imagine what you need to renovate. But you are right, it seems there is never NOTHING to do in the garden, no matter the season.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Everything looks Great over there!! I didn't know Asian pears were hardy in our zone? Do you have to do anything special in order for them to thrive? (The fruit looks wonderful!) ;-)

    Have a great day!

  3. Thanks, Carol. It's things like the Rudbeckia growing out of bounds, the too-tall for the middle of the border plants that need moving to the back, stuff like that. Like you I'm digging out some of the under performing daylilies and I've also given up on astilibes which look good for a week and the rest of the time very boring.

    This is the time of year that I start looking for a little more exciting plants for next year. So many plants, so little time !

  4. Hi Shady,

    Thanks. Yes, indeed the Asian pear is very hardy here and it produces at a rather early age compared with other species. Mine is a dwarf which only grows to about 12 feet and interestingly enough it is a graft of two varieties -one side is a smaller, golden pear that ripens early and the other is a deeper color with larger fruit that ripens later. You can order them bareroot by mail from Stark Brothers, which is where most nurseries get their stock. Spring is the best time to plant fruit trees.

  5. Oh Asian pears ... yum. Thanks for the tip about planting them I may just have to indulge!

  6. Hi Carolyn Gail, Came over to let you know I hadn't forgotten you even though you don't show up at Blotanical (like me). Your garden is looking quite lush. You are right about those container plants looking awesome. Don't you just love the way that sweet potato vine contrasts with darker foliage and grows so profusely? (I have it featured in my header this month.) Just cut a piece off and poke it in soil and walla! you'll have another plant in no time.

    Hope you get your feed working - I hope we all get our feeds working... :-)

  7. Thanks, and welcome, Meems. I don't get why some of us aren't on Blotanical, especially since I've followed every instruction given. Oh well, maybe soon.

    I do love the sweet potato vine's outstanding color. It's a water hog, however, and tells me when the container needs some.

  8. Your fall garden is just as lovely as your summer one -- everything still looks amazing!

  9. you have such a gift for gardening. this looks like an artist's canvas ~ beautiful and replete to the senses!

    those pears look gorgeous - wow such a harvest of abundance going on over there!

  10. Thanks, Nancy. I try to have something looking good all year round.

  11. Hi Inga,

    It's Kimchi Chigae weather here in Chicago :-) I just made some last night and it took the chill right out of my body. You can tell Koreans come from a cold climate 'cause the food is hot and spicy.

    Thanks for your compliments on my garden. Those Korean pears have been yummy this year and surprisingly the birds didn't get them before I did !

  12. Carolyn Gail, your garden is just beautiful with its texture. That's what screams to me here and I love it! I want my garden to be like yours when it grows up!


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