September 30, 2008


JoJo the rat-sniffing terrier is on the job :
It was here a minute ago....where did that Blotanical go ? I smell a rat !

I've followed all instructions Stuart at Blotanical gave me in order to get back on the wagon I fell off of some time ago. I wasn't even able to log on to Blotanical until my computer geek returned my calls and advised that when all else fails REBOOT. Ta Dah! It worked.

So according to the info at Blotanical I will know in 72 hours whether it worked or not.

In the meantime I see that I missed the announcements of the winners of the Blotanical awards and would like to offer hearty congrats to all. And I thank Stuart for all his hard work in trying to get us back on board.


  1. Hi Carolyn Gail, I went straight away to see if your post was up, but not yet. I have missed you and so many others. Blotanical is my feed reader and I have been struggling to keep up while some of you went missing there. I do hope to meet you in Chicago too. Can't wait for that big party!
    new url

  2. Thanks, Frances. I have you on my google reader .

    Lots of things to do before the big party in Chicago. I'm looking forward to meeting you and lots of other garden bloggers.

  3. I have been out of the loop also. I have you on my sidebar.

  4. Hi Mother Nature and thanks for stopping by. I'll be over to visit you as well.

  5. I have my favorites on my sidebar, my bookmarks toolbar and now I've done a "follow/read" type thing. ;-)
    (I'm so very computer savvy!) lol.
    Tomorrow a.m. my Muse Post will be up.

  6. I can log on, but my feed suddenly doesn't show. I have no posts for anyone to pick so I feel your pain. I love the idea of Blotanical though, in theory.~~Dee


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