October 22, 2008


Wild Roses in Orange Vase by Moi

Today was crisp and cool as I went on my daily walk around the neighborhood I decided to see how many roses were still in bloom. Chicago has wonderful median planters dividing some major streets. I spied this prolific white rose shrub still in full bloom :

I'm guessing this is a carpet rose

A pretty pink rose , unknown variety

The award-winning non-stop blooming ' Knockout '

Wait a minute you're not a rose - That's just Magnolia Betty showing her last blossom


  1. Lovely post, Carolyn. I thought I was the only one who walked with a camera!

  2. You are as colorful with your paintings as you are with your blog! (That's a compliment!) :-)

  3. That's a beautiful painting and how nice you were able to find some roses still in bloom.

  4. My favorites. The magnolia bud is pretty too!

  5. Hey Joey,

    Guilty. I hardly leave home without it. One day I was walking by my daughter's condo and snapped a shot of her garden. A resident told her there was a "crazy " lady going down the street going into folks' yards .

  6. Thanks, Shady. Do you mean to say I'm a 'colorful ' character ?

  7. "Get along Home, Cindy, Cindy ! " I always think of that song from my childhood when you visit. Then of course the other one, as you know, is "I got a gal named Cindy..."

    Thanks for the compliments.

  8. Hey Phillip,

    I was just visiting your blog when what should appear on mine - but your message. I know you love roses and your banner is just out of this world.

  9. Pretty painting. Orange and blue, opposites on the color wheel, right? I'm amazed at how lush everything still is/was in Chicago. Here, it all looks very tired. I still have a few roses, unless I had a freeze last night.~~Dee

  10. I love your painting Carolyn. I was amazed and delighted with the plantings in the medians that I saw while in Chicago this summer. It is good that they were still going strong at the time you took these pictures. I can see why you were inspired to paint some roses.

    I am also one of those "crazy ladies" walking around with a camera. tee hee...


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