October 27, 2008


A Beautiful World by Grandma Moses

When I was 6 I fell in love with a handsome 30 year old who broke my heart. Looking back I realize that he knew by my puppy dog eyes that I had a crush on him and thought it was endearing . I was eating breakfast and the only food left on my plate was the ever-present grits which I hadn't learned to love yet. " Eat your grits, " he urged. " No, I won't and you can't make me. Besides, I hate you, " I cried, " I heard you're going to get married ! "

I ended up marrying a man a decade older than me but he's as spry and energetic at 74 as I am. We've all heard the adage that "you're only as old as you feel " and if this is true then I'm buying into the boomer's "60 is the new 40 . " When I was a child I lived far beyond my years and now I intend to do the reverse and stay young indefinitely. I just want to make sure that my body knows this and keeps up with me.

As Rachel Carson, noted biologist and writers said earth " Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. " Gardeners definitely fit into this category, and they, and artists tend to live longer lives. Grandma Moses took up painting in her late seventies and produced more than 1600 wonderful pieces of Americana until she died at the ripe old age of 101.

I'm not obsessing about age, just in a pensive mood today as I've been sidelined by the cold weather and have some time to myself. I am reflecting on a new soon-to-be-milestone in this my 6th decade of life. In less than a month I am to be a grandmother for the first time.

So my granddaughter will be 15 before I grow old. There's so much I want to teach her about the beauty of the earth. After all youth is a gift of nature, and age is a work of art.


  1. Reading your blog, Carolyn, you could be any age. Youth may be a gift of nature, but I think it's also a state of mind. I think your granddaughter-to-be is very lucky to have someone who will show her how to look at the world and find beauty.

  2. Congratulations on the impending birth of your first grandchild Carolyn! You will love being a grandmother!

    Personally, I think 'old' is an attitude, not an age!

  3. I have always been of the opinion that you are only as old as you feel. I think having a passion keeps you young and looking forward. I don't intend to grow old inside, only on the outside.
    Congratulations on the grandchild.

    Always Growing

  4. Rachel Carson is one of my idols. I love her quote and you keep young okay?

  5. Carolyn Gail,

    Congrats on the soon to be grandmother status! How delightful! Friends tell me it is a marvelously wonderful adventure.

    I have been thinking about aging myself...it is an interesting experience to be on this side of the age mountain...over 50!

    I like thinking that old is 15 years older than you are!


  6. Hi Carolyn, Pensive post, but I understand. I agree that most of the time it's one's attitude. We never know what's ahead of us, so I think the main idea is to remain active, involved, agreeable (at least, most of the time!), and caring for/about others! :-)

    Congratulations on becoming a grandmother!! A Wonderful privilege!

  7. Autumn is a pensive time of year, Carolyn, grabing me with a touch of melancholia, perhaps because my Nov birthday (our own mortality as we age), the haunting sky, and cycle of life. So enjoyed your heartfelt post and the joy awaiting your grandchild (which you will adore).

  8. Hello dear Carolyn Gail, such a new adventure you will begin with this grandchild. The both of you are so lucky. Gardeners grow younger with each passing year, didn't you know? Of perhaps you did. ;->

  9. Thanks to all of you dear garden blogger buddies for leaving your pithy comments. I do so appreciate your thoughts.

  10. I'm jealous.

    I get miserable because I tend to feel older than I am and wish I didn't!


  11. Beautifully written, Carolyn Gail. Congratulations on the new baby to come. Well done.~~Dee

  12. Congratulations on being a grandmother soon! Grandchildren are a way of keeping you young, too:)


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