October 28, 2008

Midori - Sweeheart of a Blogging Plant

Hoya kerri

Midori ( Mr./Ms. Green in Japanese ) a Hoya kerri or Sweetheart plant lives in a pot in a restaurant in Kamakura southwest of Tokyo. Since being hooked up to a sophisticated apparatus that measures the bioelectric currents flowing from the surface of her heart-shaped leaves, she's been writing her feelings on a computer. Of course ambient temperature, humidity and lighting seem to be major areas of interest .

Miss Midori Today posts such entries as " Today was warm , today was cold and rainy or I'm sleepy today because I had to grow a new shoot ."

You can send Miss Midori some much needed light using the widget on my sidebar. Click the area under the pot and enter your name. A light will be sent her via computer.

Perhaps her next entry may be " Today I received light from Chicago. "


  1. Hi Carolyn Gail, I saw this on the news but you do a much better job of explaining it. I will send her/him a ray. Thanks for letting us shine on.


  2. Thanks, Frances. I find it incredible that Miss Midori can communicate her feelings.

  3. Fascinating! Thank you for sharing Ms Midori's story with us!

  4. Thanks gail. I think Midori-san is a girl because women are better communicators in general.

  5. Oh, how funny. I'll send her some.~~Dee


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