December 1, 2008


Does this make my butt look big ?
-Jojo the Mini-Schnauzer

Snow on Evergreens

It rained almost all day yesterday and then viola! This morning when I awoke we had several inches of the white stuff. The first snowfall of the season always makes me feel as if winter's truly arrived. I hope it'll be a short one and not so cold.


  1. What a contrast to the post you made just a couple of days ago! I love the pup in the plaid jacket! :-) I believe you received quite a bit more snow than we did!

  2. We actually got some snow today! It was so pretty. It was brief and didn't stick but at one point, it looked like we were getting a blizzard.

  3. Thanks, Shady. I was surprised to see snow on December 1 because it was raining all day on the last day of November. It looks very pretty on the trees and shrubs.

  4. Snowing in northern Alabama, Phillip? When we were kids we'd pray for snow every Christmas and our prayers weren't answered but once in a blue moon. One year someone prayed too hard and we had thirteen inches of snow and 13 degrees. Everything ground to a halt, including school which made me very happy indeed.

    Of course once snow came it only lasted for a very brief time but we thought it was very special. Now I only think of it as something that I have to shovel.

  5. Wow, it's amazing to see all that snow, especially after scrolling down to see what was blooming just a few weeks ago on Bloom Day!

  6. A veritable winter wonderland, for sure! I love that heavy snow that clings to all the evergreens. :) I'll include your first flakes with the rest -- thanks for participating, Carolyn.

  7. That is a pretty snow cover! We had some, but I don't think it was measurable. It sure didn't make for any decent pictures.

    I enjoyed reading about your memories from your childhood, too.


  8. Hi Carolyn gail,
    It does seem more like Christmas with some snow...yours looks lovely! I must comment on your little Jojo: what a cutie! And to think s/he's worried about his/her butt looking too big! I had a squirrel the other day who asked if her outfit makes her look fat!! (I put it in a post). We women: always thinking about silly things like that;) And, if Jojo is a male, he shouldn't care about things like that! At least, I don't usually hear men worry about such things! Anyway, have a wonderful day! Jan


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