December 1, 2008


Winter Stores

We take from life one little share
and say that this shall be a space
redeemed from toil and care
from tears and sadness free.

And haply death unstrings his bow
and sorrow stands apart
and for a little while we know
the sunshine of the heart.

Existence seems a summer eve
warm soft and full of peace
our free unfettered feelings give
the soul its full release.

A moment then it takes power
to call up thoughts that throw around
that charmed and hallowed hour
this life's divinest glow.

But time though viewlessly it flies
and slowly will not stay
alike through clear and clouded skies
it cleaves its silent way.

Alike the bitter cup of grief
alike the draught of bliss
its progress leaves but moment brief
for baffled lips to kiss.

The sparking draught is dried away
the hour of rest is gone
and urgent voices round us say
'Ho, lingerer, hasten on !'

And has the soul then only gained
from this brief time of ease
a moment's rest when overstrained
one hurried glimpse of peace?

No ; while the sun shone kindly o'er us
and flowers bloomed round our feet
while many a bud of joy before us
unclosed its petals sweet.

An unseen work within was plying
like honey-seeking bee
From flower to flower unwearied flying
labored one faculty.

Thoughtful for Winter's future sorrow
its gloom and scarcity
Prescient today of want tomorrow
toiled quiet memory.

'Tis she that from each transient pleasure
extracts a lasting good
'Tis she that finds in summer treasure
to serve for winter's food.

And when youth's summer day is vanished
and age brings winter's stress
her stores with hoarded sweets replenished
life's evening hours will bless.

-Charlotte Bronte


  1. Hi
    See my musing at

  2. A lovely poem, Carolyn Gail, with a thoughtful message. Gardening is so much like life, and Charlotte Bronte has made a great analogy between the two. I've loved her books since I was young, but I've read very little of her poetry. Good choice for this wintry day.

    I posted a little early for this Muse Day; my selection is at Thanks for hosting!

  3. A beautiful poem! May I join is my post. I need to add a link, I think, to your site! Nancy andI were on the same wavelink today!


  4. A beautiful poem, illustrated by a wonderful photo! Though I love Summer's flowers, I'm not sure that Winter isn't the most beautiful season of all. My GBMD post is up as well. :)

  5. I don't mind winter (for a while)and enjoy those longer evening hours that are indeed blessed. The year and our lives share rhythms that vary and delight.

  6. Love the poem - but love your picture even more. We saw similar scenes at the weekend whilst travelling down to the south coast to see my aunt in law. Unfortunately no camera to hand to capture the scene, but now I can look on here instead!

    My seasonal offering's been up since early this morning:

  7. A lovely post for December Muse Day, Carolyn. I have a small offering for this shared day.

  8. Beautiful tree & beautiful poem! I decided to get a little silly this month & write a parody:
    Lo' How a Rose Ain't Blooming.

  9. Carolyn Gail, I assume the photo is of your yard. We received our first snowfall yesterday! This line is apt... is it not? "But time though viewlessly it flies and slowly will not stay
    alike through clear and clouded skies it cleaves its silent way."

    If I have to wait until tomorrow to post my GBMD post, I can at least follow these links to read everyone else's posts! :-)
    PS I love this meme! (I love poetry!) Have a great day!

  10. Hello:) Our snow came just just in time for Muse Day! Mine is here. I'm off to visit yours!

  11. Hello,
    Loved the poem and the picture. It was a wonderland this pretty here in No. Illinois. I posted a little poem today too.

  12. My Muse Day post is up. Enjoyed your choice of poem and your photo is lovely. Looks like the tree is made of glass.

    Always Growing

  13. Here's mine. We have no snow, yet...this photo was taken this past winter, a preview of what is to come in my garden. Jan

  14. It was a surprise for me to realize I had posted the same poem as 3 others here! I had even visited Nancy earlier today...but when I made my post tonight, I forgot completely about the poem she used! Isn't it ironic that 4 of us chose the same poem for the first of Dec? Jan


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