December 18, 2008


Who doesn't love a good garden shoe or boot? These cool shoes above are from MuckandStuff
and they've agreed to give a pair away to the winner of my contest. This is a $49.50 value, not to mention a great product.

SO, tell me in a paragraph or two why you think you deserve to be the winner. I have a funny bone so try to tickle it. There are no rules, you can grovel if you wish.

The deadline for entries is Monday, December 22, 12 midnight.

Visit their website to see a complete selection of Muck Boots and Muck Shoes and their color choices .


  1. Shoe-bee, doo-bee, doo! I'd sure like a new pair of shoes. I have some Muck shoes, but they are called the "dog walkers" or something like that, and though they are a mighty fine pair of shoes, I don't have a dog and they are starting to wear out after five (or is it six) years of wearing them for all kinds of gardening activities, including mowing. Wouldn't I be stylin' if I had a pair of actual Muck garden shoes! Oh yeah... Shoe-bee doo-bee doo!

  2. My husband wears Mucks to hunt ducks;
    He drives in his 4-Wheel Drive truck.
    He looks for the ruddy
    with his best hunting buddy...
    Mucks, truck, they never get stuck!

    I've never been out hunting ducks,
    Occasion'lly I do drive his truck,
    Loads of dirt I have stowed,
    But no Mucks have I owned.
    I fear that someday I'll get stuck!

    (It's really true that my husband just bought Muck work boots.) ;-)

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    I have no god English... sooo this is my .... ???

  4. *Sad violin music fades in*

    My dad was a hard working man that put a roof over our head as an honest shoe maker....

    As I happened upon your website today, at a local internet cafe, I noticed a pair of "Pink Muck Garden shoes" that reminded me of a pair my dad made for me for my 4th birthday, with only a scrap piece of broken leather, pink lace, and a few left over nails that were too bent to use for other purposes...

    Although the thought of taking these shoes away from another gardener is a very heavy burden to bare, it would make walking to the market to sale my vegetables and spice so much easier...

    (Which happens to be up a steep incline both ways, in a climate that is very unforgiving..)

    *Sad violin music fades out*

  5. Well, I could eliminate the freaky shoe throw I do when I peek into my muddy garden slip ons I leave on the deck when I think I see a spider in them. I don't kill the critters but I certainly can't have them in my shoes with my feet These would be easier to hose off than my current ones so I could actually bring them into the house.

  6. These are really cute! I have a pair of green Target gardening shoes, they look like crocs sort of and they are really ugly! I would love a stylish pair!

    I am new to gardening, I just really started this year - we have a huge back yard (big anyway by Chicago and bordering surrounding suburbs standards) and always had shade as we had a huge cottonwood and pine tree in the back.

    This past summer the trees came down and we went from shade to sun - it gave me an opportunity to study plants and annuals v perrenials, etc. I planted some standards like sedum Autumn Joy, purple coneflowers, allium, etc....and ordered from a catalog for the first time. My how small the Hydrangea plants are! I hope they actully grow some this year.

    We graded and seeded and although we will have t do so again in the spring it's so nice to see grass (well now it's just snow).

    I love your blog and have been reading it since the early summer -I have learned alot!

  7. Great giveaway.!! Garden shoes are looking cool and comfortable.


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