December 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day -December

Lathyrus odaratus 'Lea '
( Sweetpea )

Carol said "no rules " when it comes to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. We northern gardeners really have to stretch it to get through winter since nothing is blooming in the garden outdoors.

The newest flower in Sweet Garden Chicago is my little Sweetpea Lea whom as you see above seems to be enjoying the undivided attention of 4 people at her every beck and call . Grandma Carolyn is busy learning all the new stuff about what babies want and need these days. I'm amazed at how my mother managed with 4 and no frills.

In my free time I am at the easel and have started some paintings such as this white garden which I find very cheerful. Please don't say it looks like snow falling.

Then there's this one that I did 'alla prima ' or all at once. Painting loosely has a charm all its own to me. I tend to be a perfectionist and often end up overworking a piece. I have to step back and say " Stop."


Go visit Carol at Maydreamsgardens and see what's blooming around the world.


  1. Very pretty! Sweetpea Lea is adorable. She should have more than two little fingers to wrap all of those people around.

    Those paintings are wonderful, I keep thinking about starting a painting but I've got enough on my plate right now to keep me busy.

  2. Congratulations on the grandbaby. Such a sweet face!

    And I love your paintings. I can imagine how hard it must be to be a perfectionist and a painter! But I love the white flowers in the top picture. Keep up the painting through the winter and spring will reward you with real flowers!

  3. love your paintings, thanks for sharing them withus. YOur grandbabe IS adorable! Again, congrats!

  4. What a cute grandbaby. I love the paintings - you are so talented.

  5. Hi Carolyn gail, Lea is the most beautiful bloom in your garden, without question! She is really adorable:) I'm sure you are extremely taken with her, and so proud and thrilled to be her grandmother. That is so special. I think your paintings are lovely, as well. Jan

  6. She looks like a very sweet baby! And I think that picture looks like flowers, not snow!

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day again!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  7. sweet pea is soooo adorable; oh i miss those days ;-)

    also LOOOOVVE your painting with white flowers/mums? with pathway reminds me of matisse, gauguin + munch....yes can see you tried not to overwork but let it F L O W


  8. Congrats on your latest addition to the garden Carolyn. Things have certainly changed as to all the gear people seem to need to raise a baby.

    I love your paintings of flowers. They look so cheerful during this bitter cold, snow and ice we are having.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  9. P.S. I love the moniker "Sweet Pea". This is what I remember my Dad calling me when I was very young. What a delightful memory you have evoked with this post.

  10. I started at the bottom of my bloglist to see the posts I've missed since falling behind. I'm glad I found this to see your "Sweet Pea" and your lovely paintings. I couldn't begin to have anything turn out like yours. I love them both.

    Happy New Year!


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