February 8, 2009


Chicago, February 7, 2009
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With temperatures in the mid-50's yesterday I decided to have a little Spring-fling of my own to celebrate, even though I know it's too early to really be Spring. I know that rascal groundhog in Pennsylvania saw his shadow but the one at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago didn't even bother to come out of his burrow. I'm thinking and hoping ( until the next big snow ) that Spring's gonna be 6 weeks early this year.

So what did I find under the several feet of snow ( beside frozen dog poop, gum wrappers, plastic grocery bags, etc)? To my surprise, Carol Mackie Daphne ( 1st photo from left ) survived with but one small broken limb. The pinks, sedum and fescue were still blue and alive. This was in my west-facing back garden. The last few photos show the east-facing front which is colder and still has a blanket of snow.

I only invited one guest to join me at this Spring Fling and that was my granddaughter Lea, the latest flower that bloomed in the Sweet Garden Chicago last November.

She's been growing like a weed and is the size of a 4 or 5 month old. She smiles and coos when she sees me, and I'm not prejudiced at all when I say she's the smartest, prettiest and most loveable baby in the world.

My special guest : Sweetpea

Like thousands of Chicagoans we just soaked up the sunshine while dodging the currents of puddles from the melting snow. This was Lea's first real outing since she was born and she really enjoyed it. She met a few of the neighbors and they confirmed my opinion that she was really special.

I can't wait until Spring is here for good so that I can start her on an early road to mastering the fine art of gardening. And, we are looking forward to the real Spring Fling in late May.


  1. Lea is going with her mom with you too isn't she? I read your daughter's comment on MMD and thought it very sweet. Glad your Carol Mackie came thru fairly unscathed.

  2. So are we, Carolyn. So are we. And yes, your Sweetpea is darling.

  3. Yea for warm temperatures. And even more yeas for Sweet Pea! Too cute, Carolyn.

  4. Carolyngail, Oh your Sweatpea is a beautiful bloom! Of course she is the smartest, prettiest and most lovable baby anywhere! She will love following you around the garden one day~~ I am very glad to hear that you've had a warm day to melt that snow...your winter has been something else!

    Today, is my blogaversary and checking over old posts I noticed that you were my first ever commenter! Thank you for visiting a newbie on a cold February day! You made me feel very welcome!


  5. I'll be the first to say, my Niece Lea is a real cutie pie! and Special too!

  6. What a sweet looking baby! I was just looking at some crochet patterns for babies and toddlers at the library today. Too bad sister doesn't like homemeade stuff like that.

    I can't wait until spring, I sure hope I can make it to the fling this year!

  7. She's adorable Carolyn...sweet as pie:)
    You could use this post for the GBBD on the 15th:)

  8. You're grandaughter is really cute - and I love her name.

  9. Granddaughters are all the most beautiful of flowers - their only competition is Great granddaughters. We are waiting for our second Great.

  10. With you as her 'Granny', one would expect nothing less than the ... "smartest, prettiest and most loveable baby in the world", Carolyn. Enjoy ... like bursting gardens, time has its way with growing children. Valentine hugs!

  11. Thank you all for visiting and commenting.


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