April 23, 2009


Spring bulbs such as scilla, tulips and daffodils are up
and blooming

Can it be Spring without Forsythia ?

Magnolias, honey! In every shape and form. That's my 'Betty' in the center.

Pam of Digging said she was blowing some sunshine up our way. Thanks, Pam it took awhile but your good wishes are finally paying off. Today is in the 70's and the next few the Texas 80's !I suppose the first crops are already in down in Texas :-)

On my Spring walkabout in my neighborhood I spied a lot of signs such as all kinds of magnolias -from saucers to stars. Forsythias abound as well as scilla, red tulips and yellow daffodils.

Can I safely stash away my winter clothes yet? Probably not. Besides it could jinx the nice weather.

I'm off to the garden center to seek more perennials for my new garden. Ah, Spring ! What a fine mood it puts me in.


  1. Happy Spring Ma! or should I say summer?

  2. Oh good, I'm glad to know I have that much hot air to blow. It was a record-setting 94 degrees here in Austin yesterday. Ack! I'm expecting cooler, comfortable weather when I arrive in Chicago for the Spring Fling next month, so I'll stop blowing now.

  3. Nice photo montages. I need a hardy bush type plant for my backyard. I'm discovering how destructive my dog's daily tasks are to bushes, trees, shrubs and vines. Some things withstand that attack others do not. I love your depicts of budding spring.

  4. Beautiful depiction of spring buds. Makes me want to walk abut the neighborhood! I love the way you montage your photos.

  5. Geez, Pam, I didn't know that you were so full of hot air :-)! Well it reached here today ( Friday ) and it's hot like Texas hot. It's suddenly summer - from 60 to 83 in just one day. Amazing. I know it'll probably be back in the 50's next week but in the meanwhile thanks for that Texas sunshine.

  6. It is still a pleasure to see spring flowers even though we are slowly moving into summer like weather. Here, in Louisiana, the temps are in the 80', and the weatherman is predicting that we will be flirting with the 90's in the coming week. Our winter clothes have been put away for weeks. I already miss the cool days of spring.

    Always Growing

  7. How on earth do you get them to grow already? I live just north of Chicago (Crystal Lake) and have been here for 2 years now and my garden is atrocious every year. I am originally from OH and I miss my garden there so much I cannot even express it. I could plant seeds in Macrh indoors and have beautiful vegetables and flowers all the way until early November. The soil and climate here, for me, just results in either very short-lived flowers (mine died outside in a planter at the end of May last year because of a cold spell), or tomatoes that were still green even in September and October. I put them in a sunny spot, I transplanted them properly, I had cages, I fertilized, I watered and nothing. I haven't even had a decent piece of corn in 2 years, it is nothing like the sweetcorn in OH. Any ideas?


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