April 27, 2009

New Additions to Sweet Garden Chicago

Carex buchanananii
or Fox Red Curly Sedge

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My trip to the garden center last week put another big dent in my wallet. Judging by the
number of people there buying plants its hard to believe there's a recession going on.

Monrovia's "perennial of the year " -Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' had me from hello. Drawn to evergreens I couldn't resist Pinus mugo 'pumilio '. I love Hemerocallis and found a new cultivar of Stella d'oro named 'black eyed stella ' and a red repeat bloomer 'pardon me', Nepeta x faassenii 'walker's low, Euphorbia polychroma, Silene uniflora 'druett's variegated', Thymus vulgaris 'aureus' and Wisteria macrostachya 'Blue Moon'.

The Fox Red Curly Sedge is a "striking clump of reddish-bronze that makes this evergreen perennial a good choice for foliage effect in borders..." so says its label. People either love it or hate it. I love it.

I thought I had a small garden until I had a blank slate to fill and I'm still not finished.

I'm not going to reveal my planting scheme until May 30 when Chicago Spring Flingers will see it for themselves. I've got to get crackin' cause this month is almost gone.


  1. I cannot wait to see your garden in person, Carolyn! Only one more month...

  2. I have the 'Walker's Low' catmint - very nice plant. It looks like you came home with a great haul.

  3. I can see that I'll have to start saving up some money and a bit of garden space; once I see your garden in person, I'll be inspired to buy lots of cool plants. I didn't realize Spring Fling was part of the economic stimulus package...

  4. I think instead of traveling, people are spending some money to spruce up their yards.

  5. You've picked a few beauties...and Pam's so right, just a month until we get to see your garden and meet you in person! gail

  6. Oh, you bought some lovely things. I have that Carex, and it is much more beautiful in person don't you think? I also bought some of the Perennial of the Year this year. I don't have 'Black-Eyed Stella' but I've grown 'Pardon Me' and it's like the Energizer Bunny.~~Dee

  7. When we stopped in Home Depot this past Sunday, we couldn't believe how many people were in the garden center. We said the same thing about this being a recession. I just bought the carex "Toffee Twist" which is the first carex I am trying. I have "Black-eye Stella" and it is a great selection. Good luck with your new plants.

    Always Growing

  8. Lots of good stuff, Carolyn ... I'm so sad not to be able to join in Spring Fling :) Though my body calls elsewehere, my heart will surely be there. I'm up for Muse Day sending (((May hugs))

  9. Can't wait to see what it all looks like!


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