May 27, 2009


The last Robin is reluctant to leave home

Just two short weeks ago the 3 robin eggs hatched and we watched Mother Robin work from dawn to dusk to feed her babies every few minutes.

It's amazing how quickly they grow but I guess that's what happens when you eat every 5 or 10 minutes.

Yesterday we watched as the first two brave ones flew off on their own. The last one was not so eager to leave home and it took a lot of coaxing from Mom to get it to fly away.

As empty nesters we know the feeling of raising our young and have them leave one by one. It is both joy and sorrow.


  1. You have captured the feeling completely. It is nice, though, to know that there are three more robins "out there" that may return to your home next Spring!

  2. I am beginning to understand (at 52!) some of what my parents had to go through. My daughter is almost 21 but still in college, coming home in the summer. She's not 'gone' yet, but in many ways, she really is. It's not been 'easy' realizing that the baby that 'belonged' to me really isn't mine afterall;-( Our son is 12, and time is moving on. It is sad how we must watch them fly away...Hopefully though, unlike birds, our children will come back to visit;-)

  3. What a cute picture. It's pretty neat to be able to watch the birds grow and then leave the nest. My girls are 10 and 2 and I already feel sad thinking about them being grown up.

  4. That last robin probably figured out that it wouldn't be easy to find a nesting place of his/her own that would be as nice as your pergola.


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