May 19, 2009

New Residents at Sweet Garden Chicago

You can only see two heads but there's actually a third one that's hidden. The Robins who took up residence in my pergola have 3 tiny babies that are hungry all day long.

I've never seen a mother work harder to feed her offspring than this one. She flies in and out of the pergola every 10 minutes or so and comes back with her mouth full of insects. She divides them equally among her young.

It will be fun to watch them grow and fly off on their own. I'll have to make sure that Jojo doesn't pounce on one if it should fall to the ground. She's a terrier and her natural instincts are to catch mice and birds.

I hope that tomorrow's expected high of 90 degrees won't harm the babies.


  1. Ahhh. It is amazing how hard the birds work to feed their young and both sexes bring home the bacon (or bugs):-) It is very interesting and calming to watch them.

  2. Hey Ma are you charging them rent?
    It is fun to watch them grow and fly away.

  3. I keep seeing all these baby birds on everyones blogs...I don't think I have any!!! Of course I have been to busy to look!

  4. When we teach ecology to the undergrads, it's hard to get across the point that raising young in the wild is so difficult and sometimes fatal for the parents because of the energy they expend in gathering food. Makes us appreciate our own relatively easy lives!

  5. You are so lucky to have a nest you can watch! I know we have some babies around here, but I never get to see them until they're ready to fly away.
    Chicago temperatures are unbelievable right now--even warmer than here downstate.

  6. I hope she's capturing some of the troublesome bugs that plague gardens! gail

  7. What a lovely thing to be able to watch and enjoy. Thank you for the nice post. Great job. We just found you. We will be coming back. Thank you again.
    Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

  8. Oh, how nice. Yes, mother birds are the hardest workin' moms on the planet. Can't wait to meet you in person. I and my family made it to Chicago this afternoon.~~Dee


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