May 15, 2009


" April showers do bring May flowers "

It's been one of the rainiest Springs on record and the garden is saturated but at the same time everything is lush. May is an exciting time in the garden as I watch its blooms unfold. Of course non are more precious than my little sweetpea ( center fold ) who'll reach the 6 month mark in two days. She's growing hair and has two teeth and at 18 or more pounds and 27 " long she's a big gal. Like the flowers she requires regular feeding and is eating me out of house and home :-)

The magnolias, azaleas, rhododendrons, iris, euphorbia, bergenia, tulips, daffodils, bishop's hat, primrose, perennial pansies, daphne, and creeping phlox are all in bloom this 15th of May.

Acer Japonicum 'autumn moon '

And although it doesn't bloom the beautiful colors of my autumn moon maple are delightful for a very long time.

Love the new growth on my Densi yew

First year to bloom : Rhododendron 'Bixby ; Rhododendron of the year 2007. It's small , a unique color, and beautiful.

Visit Carol at Maydreams Gardens to see what's blooming in you neck of the woods and around the USA.


  1. And the little sweetpea is the sweetest bloom of them all! Beautiful blooms Mom!

  2. Nothing cuter than a sweetpea in the garden. A centerfold at such a young age!

  3. Carolyn, your grandgirl is so darling! I think she looks a lot like you...but then, I don't know the rest of her family...I enjoyed my grandchildren so much when they were wee ones, and I have been given the privilege of being close to them through the years !It is so wonderful, and such a privilege to be able to be close to your grandchildren!!Thanks for sharing! I enjoy your Blog very much!

  4. She's the best bloom ever Carolyn Gail! Happy Bloom Day...see you in a few weeks! gail

  5. Aren't you fortunate to have your little Granddaughter nearby!! Beautiful collage with the most striking feature in the center! :-) Did you have a special Mother's Day celebration?

  6. I love your favorite flower also. My favorite flower is just two months old and what a joy! We can talk granddaughters at Spring Fling in addition to plants!

  7. Beautiful blooms, Carolyn Gail, but none so much as the little bloom in the center photo:)I hope you've gotten several rainy days to relax a little. Looking forward to meeting you at Spring Fling!


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