May 13, 2009


Reflections on a Rainy Day
(Click to enlarge )

I do prefer sunshine to rain most days but once in a while its good to have a rainy day to relax , especially for garden designers like me who have been working at a feverish pace since early April.

I finally found a rain chain ( first row; upper right ) at a reasonable price and got it installed just in time to test it out today. I love the sight and sound of the rain as it trickles down each tulip- shaped cup.

My pet goldfish are enjoying the rain as well and perform a water ballet as they swim gracefully to and fro.

Time to catch up with all the indoor chores and if I finish those there's always something to do, like think up a hundred different ways to keep a six month old from getting bored.

In the words of a country song " If my phone's not ringing I'll know its not you ". Oh I love a rainy day. Even demanding clients know what a rain check is.


  1. Where did you find your rain chain? I have a spot where I'd like one, but I've just never followed through looking and purchasing one.

  2. You'll have to come to Chicago to get it, Debbie. It's from the garden center where I work.

    You could check Target I think they carry them.

  3. Pretty nifty Ma! I really like the rain chain you have.

  4. I've never even heard of a rain chain before and now I must have one. Love it! Everything outside smells so good after a nice rain.

  5. Ancient Japanese secret, Donna. They used decorative hand made cups to catch and disperse the rain from roofs .

    Yes everything does smell fresh after a rain doesn't it ? I remember my favorite smell from childhood was rain falling on the dusty red earth.


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