June 10, 2009


May is usually a very capricious month in Chicago and I was a little nervous that Chicago Spring Fling was being held at a time when our gardens were really just starting the season. But we got really lucky and the rain held off until the end of our program.

Above is a photo of what my garden looked like at the end of May. It's a newly planted garden this year and you can see a lot of bare soil , spaces I've left so that the plants can fill out.

The above photo was taken yesterday and you can see how quickly everything has grown.

It looks amazingly lush for a newbie !

I wonder if I jinxed Spring by adding that rain chain? This weather is beginning to remind me of Ireland and the forty shades of green they have.

I am so ready for some sunshine.


  1. I hope you get some sunshine, though 40 shades of green sounds pretty, too.

  2. Your garden is looking marvelous Ma!


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