September 14, 2009


The above photos are the short shots of some of my flowers:
Host, geraniums, Korean mum, fuschia, Proven Winner petunias and Profusion zinnia

The long shots of my September garden

September and summer is finally here. We're enjoying hot, sunny dry days and cool mornings and evenings.

The petunias gave out early this year no doubt due to the weather - too much rain, not enough rain . I was really surprised by the Proven Winner dwarf petunias and how well they did. They've been blooming non-stop all summer and I didn't have to deadhead them at all.


  1. Love all the long shots of your garden, Carolyn Gail! It is truly awash in blooms! My petunias are starting to give up, too. After regular rain most of the summer, they are having a hard time understanding the dry weather we have been having lately.

  2. Beautiful Ma! Your garden is looking better than ever...Happy GBBD!


  3. Your close-ups are fun, showing the individual blooms in lovely frames. The longshots are inspiring for all the blooms you still have in your garden.

  4. Beautiful as always Carolyn! I'm amazed at how well-established everything already looks after such a short time. You've still got a lot of blooms in your September garden.

    Those PW petunias have been really nice. I'm glad I gave them a chance here - they bloomed admirably without much sun.

    Those couple of summer days we had sure were nice. Happy Bloom Day!

  5. I'm having mixed emotions about it being late September, Carolyn. On the one hand, I do like the cooler weather during the days. On the other hand...I can feel the cold hand of NOvember reaching for me. Trying to get outside and absorb as much sunlight as possible, and of course Murphy's law means lots of (paid) work to keep me indoors. What to do, what to do....:-)

  6. very nice collection of blooms Carolyn. I'm ashamed to admit that if I were to be a participant in this meme, I'd have nothing to show. Wish I was a designer like you so I could plan to have blooms this late into the season.


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