September 21, 2009

The Last Day of Summer

Farewell to Summer

Today is the last day of summer according to the calendar. September has been more summer-like than most, albeit; very dry.

Last night a gentle rain fell, the first in a few weeks, and I fear, not enough to really soak the dry earth.

There's still so much left to do in the garden and I am waiting until the cool Fall days of October arrive to plant bulbs and divide and separate perennials.

Some good news on the weather front in today's paper : El Ninyo looks like it will bring us a milder than normal winter.

Looking back on this summer I cherish it for the many wonderful days I spent with my first grandchild , Lea. Each day we greeted the morning in the garden. I hung a stained glass art bird on the pergola and she loved to pull its string to make it fly. When I asked her " where's the bird ? " her face would light up and she looked right at it and smiled. Sometimes language isn't needed at all.

Grandpa often uses sign language instead of words and Lea always greets him and others with a wave of the hand. She's ten months old now and will soon be walking.

We dread the onset of winter but will long remember the wonderful days of Lea's first summer.


  1. Isn't she beautiful? She looks like a little flower herself.
    September has been very dry here too - more like summer than summer was.

  2. She's adorable, Carolyn -- it's miraculous to see the world through a grandchild's eyes. :) Happy Autumn? (@6:18pm Atlantic time)

  3. I'm not one for hot summers so I enjoyed this weirdo summer and I'm sad to see it "officially" come to an end. I hope that the predictions for a warm winter are come true.

    With how the economy has been acting, I'm just dreading a normal Chicago winter and people not being able to heat their homes.

  4. A charming post, Carolyn. You are indeed blessed ... like her grandmother, Lea is a beauty!

  5. What a gorgeous, happy child Lea is Carolyn! And what a lucky grandma you are, being able to spend so much time with her!

    Like MBT, I've thoroughly enjoyed our unusually cool summer, and am sad to see it end. I too hope for a mild winter. After the last couple of winters it would be a great relief.

  6. That's for all the nice comments.


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