September 9, 2009


This is my neighbors garden on the other side of the fence we share.

This is my side of the fence.

It's great to have neighbors that enjoy gardening. My neighbor to the south of me and I share this lovely 'Sweet Autumn ' Clematis . She bought six of them for me after I helped her with some landscaping and I planted them on my side of the fence. However, when our new fence was constructed the clematis ended up on her side and therefore they are a lot more abundant there.

While she has a smaller house than mine her yard is much larger and the size I wish mine was. She and I have spent many a pleasant day in her garden, dividing and transplanting, and last year we installed a completely new sodded lawn , a big project that took almost all day, due to improvement of the depleted soil and leveling issues.

She has many of my cuttings in her garden and I have some of hers in mine. I get green beans and cucumbers fresh off the vine and I give her some of my Korean pears. She also loves to bake and at Christmas we are the happy recepients of fresh baked cookies and holiday breads.

The good book says to "love thy neighbor as thy self ". This is sometimes easier said than done but in my case I consider myself blessed to have such a good neighbor.


  1. Back at you, neighbor! It's great to have a neighbor who becomes a trusted friend!

  2. Looks great Ma! my Sweet Autumn Clematis is blooming nicely too.

  3. Maybe it's an O.P. thing. My daughter lives there too and her neighbor is a wonderful woman who has been gardening for awhile and has shared many a plant with my daughter. Unfortunately, my neighbors are not much into gardening. You and your neighbors have lovely gardens!

  4. You are indeed blessed! I remember when we visited your garden during Spring Fling, noticing your neighbor's garden as well. I think I even took some photos of her side of the fence:) It's wonderful that the two of you not only share the clematis, but cuttings and produce, too. Gardeners make great neighbors!

  5. Hey Ceci,

    For reasons of privacy I didn't mention your name. I should know that you're not publicity shy, being in the public limelight for so long :-)

  6. Thanks, Cathy. It's beautiful and smells good, right?

  7. Thank you, Pat. I agree that it's probably an O.P. thing. I always say that you can't pick your siblings or neighbors so its great when they're nice and you like them.

  8. Gardeners sure make great neighbor, Rose. I know a lot of the Spring Flingers were peeping over the fence at the beautiful garden next door.

  9. Love those beautiful clematis Carolyn! I had them climbing the 8' tall fence around the shade garden in my last home, and miss them here this time of year. I'm still thinking about letting a couple climb one of the trees here. There's a large dying juniper with really nice branches in the way-back yard I've been eyeing for a couple of years - still working on the Lawn Man not to take it out. It would make a nice trellis!

    Cici's garden looks great - you're both very fortunate to have each other as neighbors.


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