October 20, 2009


These are the autumn colors in my small city garden :

An annual mum made a surprise appearace

The tiniest of hydrangeas at 2 feet : ' Spreading Beauty '

The most amazing hydrangea : ' Limelight '

Boston Ivy

Bergenia Cordifolia


Autumn Moon Maple

And these are colors I captured while strolling around my neighborhood :

(Click to Enlarge )

Above are : Sugar maples, serviceberry, mountain ash , burning bush, sumac, boston ivy, Japanese maple, and daylily.


  1. Beautiful fall colors in your garden and in the neighborhood Carolyn! Serviceberries are favorites of mine. I love Limelight - it's on my must-have list. Your fall garden is looking lovely.

  2. Dear Carolyn,
    You have a gorgeous blog. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I hope you enjoyed the show. New one every Sunday night!
    Shirley Bovshow

  3. Oh, lovely. I was taking photos of my coral bark Japanese maple, and I thought of your gorgeus 'Autumn Moon'. I tried to think of one more shady spot where I could place one. I'll keep thinking on that. You inspired me to plant so many maples you know.~~Dee

  4. Thanks,L inda. I love seviceberries as well. Yes you must get a Limelight hydrangea. You can thank me later :-)

  5. Hey Shirley,

    And you have a gorgeous TV show on Gardenworld. Thanks for covering the garden blogger awards. I'll be watching all of your creative endeavors.

  6. Hi Dee,

    Those Coral Bark maples are so gorgeous they sell themselves. I don't even remember how many I sold at the garden center.

    There's nothing, in my opinion, more beautiful, however, than the Full Moon and Autumn Moon Maple.

  7. Autumn is looking good in your neighborhood. Hey, did I just write a rhyme!


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