October 19, 2009


A green and white tulip - Spring Green and Cape Cod, a beautiful orange

Love the oranges and yellows -
That 's Orange Emperor on the left and Sweetheart on the right
Also ; the earlier the better.

A red and yellow Crown Imperial. These are so majestic

108 Narcissus and Daffodils
All petite and all early

Today was an exceptional Autumn day after the coldest 3 weeks in October in 82 years. Sixty Seven wonderful, warm degrees ! I visited the garden center Sunday and picked out some lovely tulips and daffodils for my new garden bed. While over a hundred bulbs seem a lot they cover a small area.

Had a rare day off so I used the time to get all the bulbs planted and watered. Tomorrow promises another warm day and I plan to make the most of it .

Can't wait to Spring to see the newest additions to my garden. How do they get a green and white tulip ?!


  1. Yesterday was such a beautiful, perfect fall day Carolyn! After so many weeks of chilly, cloudy, rainy November-like weather, it was so nice to soak up some sunshine and get some delayed fall gardening tasks completed. Sounds like you made the most of your of your day off!

  2. Sounds like a great day to plant bulbs. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. You're going to love all that color come Spring! The first of this week was indeed beautiful; I spent as much time as possible out in the garden, too. But back to gray and gloomy rain again today:(

  4. That green and white Tulip is so fantastic looking that I dare not buy the package I saw because I have bad luck with them. They usually don't look anything like the colors--so I stay away unless I'm guranteed a sure thing.

    Good luck with yours.


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