October 14, 2009


Autumn Moon Japanese Maple : Beautiful year round but more so in October

Close Ups of October blooms

In the Limelight : Hydrangea and Azalea in Fall dress

October opened with record cold and has continued its chilly grip, killing many of the tender perennials and annuals. It has been the coldest October in 82 years. I am not ready for such an early cold Fall and so Providence, hearing my heartfelt plea, will send some nice warm weather this coming weekend.

There's still so much left to do in the garden. I'm dividing and transplanting perennials and I have Spring bulbs left to plant.

Visit Carol at Maydreamsgardens to see what's blooming this October.


  1. I'm impressed with what you still have blooming, Carolyn Gail--lovely! I hope Providence hears your wish, but I just heard that we have a chance of snow this weekend. Looks like the long list of fall gardening chores may not get completed till spring:)

  2. A really nice collage of blooms and leaves. Yes, the maple does look as beautiful as the flowers.

  3. Did you get outdoors today, Carolyn? We actually had an hour of sunshine. :-) The next two days are also supposed to be nice here... Yea! Perhaps you'll be able to enjoy some nice days, yet!

  4. Very nice Carolyn! Autumn Moon is gorgeous in October. You've got lots of pretty fall blooms there. I'm so looking forward to a little sunshine and more seasonal temperatures the next few days. My fingers are crossed - lots to do out there before it gets cold!

  5. Nice fall coloring Carol. I'm not ready either, still have some moving around of bulbs I had put off all late summer.


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