December 2, 2009


First Snowfall
by Moi

Most people reading my post title would automatically think " Oh, she's turning 53 in December." I wish ! Only gardeners would know I'm talking about the temperature.

Gearing up for winter I've been painting snow scenes but haven't seen the real stuff yet. Taking advantage of the mild temps I've also got my Christmas tree lights up outside.

I still have dianthus in bloom. Flowers in the snow, a little red peaking out. Might make a good subject for my snow series, one of which is above.

I must be careful what I wish for as they say. The difference is I know I'm gonna get it. Sooner rather than later.


  1. Lovely painting! Yes true ... snow will come. I love your blog. Carol

  2. Oh yes, it will come sooner or fact, there's snow in the forecast tonight. Lovely painting--you are such a talented artist, Carolyn Gail!

  3. Was it cooler today for you? It was in the 30's here... And, yep! I believe the weather's due to change. Lovely painting!!!

  4. Beautiful painting ma! I see the first drops of snow coming down right now.

  5. Good morning Carolyn! Another beautiful painting - you're so talented! The weather's taken an ugly turn the past couple of days. We saw a little bit of snow yesterday, and this morning when I took George out. . . Brrrr! You were very smart taking advantage of the nice weather to get some outdoor decorating done.

  6. Beautiful painting Caroly, but I'm so not ready for winter.


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